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Chopped, Screwed & Funky

  • Music: House, Funk, Disco
  • DJs: Marek, B-Lo, Kev Fresh

DJ Marek & Guests B-Lo & Kev Fresh. Fridays at Bettys are a must!

Betty escorts you through an evening of crafted cocktails, mouth-watering meals and exceptional service. All topped off by a musical palette best served hot by a cast of local legendary DJs.

For the early cocktail session we have DJs Kev Fresh and B-Lo creating a fresh new sound incorporating slomo, funk, house and Balearic disco. After that none other than DJ marek serves up a selection described as “Chopped, screwed and funky”. Marek is a veteran DJ with over 15 years experience from Wellington to London to LA and back. Well versed in the art of fun he will undoubtedly have you on your feet at some stage of the night for a boogie.

VJ Wanderer has hand picked the visuals to truly deliver a full audiovisual experience for you and your crew.