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Canaan Downs Festival

  • Music: Trance, Techno, Roots, Rock, Reggae, Psy Trance, Noise, Minimal, Metal, Jungle, Jazz, House, Glitch, Funk, Experimental, Electro, Dubstep, Dub, Drum and Bass, Breaks
  • Bands: Sam Hunt, Little Bushman, Antix/Fiord, Tom Cosm +many more

New Zealand's favourite New Years Festival.

Dance and rock, youth and age, love and family. Deep tribal vibes and dazzling technical magic. Spine tingling performance that puts reality in a blender. The most unique and exciting collection of New Zealand artists to be seen in one place at one time. The confluence of ancient ideas and futuristic dreams.

Canaan Downs Festival is you at a party having the best time of your life with the best people in your life.

Make the journey to become part of the magic, to become a part of the story that is Canaan Downs. Grab your tent, grab your friends, grab your ticket and come join us this summer to celebrate the New Year at Canaan Downs Festival.


'ONE' Stage

.3rd Resistance
Boom Chamber
The Village
Tribe Vibe
Culture Trail
Starlight Cinema


‘ONE’ Stage line up

In sequential order.

DEC 31st - Midday

Camo MC (Host)

Mea Grenell
The Valley Project
Alpha Channel (live)
Beatnick (live)
L Que
J Red (producer set)
Deep Fried Dub (live set)
Rufio, Gamble, Mc GT
F*uk the Format (producer set)
Richard Stanton
Isaac Chambers (producer set)
Invader Tron (live)

[downtime & stage reset]

JAN 1st - Midday

Sticky Fingaz (Host)

Irei Eyes
Oakley Grenell
Ed Musik
Sam Hunt
An Emerald City
Little Bushman
Charlie Ash
Nyquist (producer set)
Antix/Fiord (live)
Spoonhead (live)
de novo (producer set)
Mr Squatch (live)
Ecophonik (live)
Aviatrix (vocal)
ZX81 (live)
Terra 9 (live)
Tom Cosm (live)

Jan 2nd - Midday


Any concerns, questions or adjustments please contact

For upto date line up details please check the following link.