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Broken Memories

  • Music: Drum and Bass, Jungle
  • DJs: Conspiracy, Ruffstep, Flaw, Tamper, Snax
  • Tickets: $10 on the door

15 years of Drum & Bass

The development of dnb has involved an ever changing, always expanding range of soundscapes that have morphed into what we know as drum & bass today. From early hardcore breakbeat, to ragga jungle, techstep, liquid and all things in-between... it is music that draws from a wide range of influences , bringing them all together to create a unique sound to cater for those wanting something more from their evening endeavours. Come out and celebrate this diversity with a night truly covering the full spectrum of drum and bass. 5 Djs. 15 years of DnB development. 1 night. Broken Memories.

11.00pm - 12.30am : 1991 , 1993 (The founding years of jungle)
12.30am - 2.00am : 1994 , 1995 (Garbage Can beats and intelligent hooks)
2.00am - 3.30am : 1996 , 1997 (the heyday of Drum & Bass)
3.30am - 4.30am : 1998 , 1999 (Techsteppin' rollers)
4.30am - Close : Anything goes

With the history of DnB evolution split into 5 sets throughout the night, there is something there for everyone. Each DJ will have their chance to play carefully selected tunes in each section to ensure the history and development of drum & bass is shown in all its eclectic diversity. Get ready for some mashed up goodness!

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