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Tinrib Digital Is Launched

The Biggest Hard Dance Label In New Zealand History Is Launched!

19 Jun 2007

Tinrib Digital Introduction:

Captain Tinrib and his seminal Tinrib Recordings imprint literally shaped (or is that tinribized??) the sound of hard nrg dance music. From 1995 - 2002 Tinrib Recordings' 60 iconic vinyl releases dominated the sets of the worlds best dj's, and when news came that the old sea dog was docking his ship at the wharf, beat merchants everywhere grew a little concerned.

Fortunately it wasn't long till the skipwhore grew tired of life on the land and after relocating to new docks in New Zealand and building a new ship yard, pirates everywhere were eager to try and get their hands on the Captains treasure trove of hard nrg gems, now ready for imminent release!!

Tinrib recordings 1995 - 2002

Despite a commitment to vinyl for over 7 years with 65 Tinrib Recordings and Dirty House Grooves releases not to mention numerous classics on labels such as Vicious Circle, Do Not Bend, Chug and Bump and Tidy Trax the high seas of hard dance are changing with the tides. An online creation for the digital generation has been born allowing not only the latest Captain Tinrib collaborations to be purchased direct, but every single one of those classic slabs of sonic gold which were and still are ferociously hunted down can finally be captured in crisp digitally re-mastered mp3 format, a feat no other label has ever done!

After exploring the murky depths of hard dance for over 16 years its fair to say the seafaring Captain is a true hard house powerhouse. Releasing his first track way back in 1991 it was in 1995 that he set up his now legendary Hard NRG imprint Tinrib Recordings, little did he know that it would grow into one of the most respected and popular labels in hard house history.

Over the next 7 years, the label amassed momentum with dozens of all-time classics in 60 releases on vinyl & 13 CD albums. From the legendary RR Fierce hard nrg collaboration 'Street Tab' to the amazing hard trance of Weirdo's 'Curva Peligrosa,' 'Photic Zone' and 'I Know A Plaice', and of course the salty dogs own 'Blue Oyster,' 'Manta' and '2001' masterpieces. Collaborations with a stellar cast of hard dance technicians was the norm for Tinrib Recordings and the likes of Karim, Steve Thomas, Pete Wardman, Dave Randall, Max Alien Trax, Chris C, Superfast Oz, Lab 4, Rubec, DFQ and Steve Hill all lent a hand sailing the good ship Tinrib.

Captain Tinrib Live

Of course every ship needs a skipwhore and Captain Tinrib has always come prepared for carnage, helmet, sword and all!! The now legendary live show has been touring for over a decade ensuring every corner of the globe is hit with the unmistakable impact of the Captain's fishy beats from the deep. A true showman who brings character and charisma to every individually unique performance, if his shirts aren't loud enough you can be guaranteed his live show will be, with 16 channels of different loops & 4 different synths firing thru a midi keyboard and controller, theres never been a CD or DAT in this mans tour kit, all the old sea dog has to do is stay together enough to be able to control it all!! Your skipper sets sail for his annual tour through the UK and Ireland, in the summer months of July and August 2007. Catch him if you can. Bring a big net!

Superfish - the party, the djs

Dance Valley, Decibel, Adventjah, Mysteryland, the list goes on and so does the demand, but before the hype there was the aquatic home of Tinrib, where back in 1996 Captain Tinrib, D.F.Q, Steve Thomas, Dave Randall, RR Fierce & Karim simply wanted a place to party to the music that they produced and so Fish! was born. From funkier grooves on arrival into trance and techno and down into the depths of hard nrg, clubbers were taken on a voyage, and so was the Elfish who learnt to swim, surf and fly, literally... right through Crash night club on his way to the mighty Fridge!! Fast forward 10 years on and Superfish! has amassed a cult like following, the resident dj's have since become some of the worlds best mainline dj's on the scene and when the likes of Ben Javlin, DFQ, Max Alien, Karim, Dave Randall, Weirdo, + more TBC, and of course the Skipwhore are on deck for the 10th birthday in August @ The Fridge in London ,and there's sure to be more than just a few fish flying!

Superfish New Zealand Tour - October 2007

Plans are underway for a Superfish! 10th Birthday, Tinrib Digital Launch & The All New Zealand ‘Omega 3 - Lost @ Sea’ Artist Album Launch party here in New Zealand. Cities planned so far are Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton & Christchurch. These events are sure not to be missed.
Captain Tinrib & 2 Internationals will be playing at these events. See ya down the disco!!!
Swashbuckling pirates & ships be everywhere! More to follow...
Give a clubber a fish and you will feed them for a day: Teach a clubber to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.

Tinrib Digital is Launched - A new site, a new digital label the same quality Hard NRG Dance

Tying in with the fishy festivities is the long awaited launch of the Captains latest catches. Tinrib Digital is here and the pirates are starting to close in, as the eagerly anticipated launch date gets even closer. The old website has been made to walk the plank and a new mouth watering catch has been dished up on your servers to salivate over. Never one to disappoint his fellow fish friends the Captain is giving away the massive Blue Oyster bootleg of New Years Day and if this wasn't enough every single Tinrib track can be heard via your very own Tinrib Mp3 player with more classics than you can shake a pirates wooden leg at you'll be returning to http://www.tinribdigital.com for quite a while!!

In fact every month the captain will be opening up the Tinrib Digital Treasure chest and letting you purchase the latest quality hard dance as either individual tracks or full releases with artwork and B sides. As well as a host of future classics a new artist album from NZ pirates Omega 3 is waiting in the captains cabin for full release in October and authentic pirate shirts and cd's are just a sword fight away.