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The Rock Gig!

...scratching out these words, I'm forced to wonder what the hell did I expect.?!

10 May 2003

'Obscure sends an agent into True Colors to discover the sounds at what may be a rock n'roll answer to the rave?'

It's a wondrous thing, the rock gig.

And... It must be my dance sensibilities showing through but I wasn't alone in observing that for the 15-20 minutes in between each band, there was nothing to do!

The punters didn't seem to mind that all 3 rooms in the Town Hall were rocking at once and then simultaneously stopped all action to change over acts.

Bloody scandalous if you ask me...1800 odd folk wandering around in a stunned haze waiting for some music...considering each act played for about 30-40 minutes and there were quite a few...I must've spent at least a couple of hours just waiting for the next slice of entertainment.

Would it have been so hard to keep at least one room happening whilst the others were setting up?

Or did I miss the point...? It could have been to give the kids a chance to meet each other and discuss the 'experience? ?' - ? Sell more beer - ?

A great New Zealand lineup encouraged the young and old to fork out their hard earned dosh to attend, a noticeably segregated crowd (as expected) with such diverse acts as Newmatics, Chills, P money, Blindspot, Salmonella etc.

Punters seemed reasonably happy and of course the youngsters were ecstatic to have the opportunity to see acts usually relegated to licensed venues.

All in all it's a great thing to see young and old enjoying our own kiwi sounds.

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