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The Big Arts Experience

Community education courses in arts and creativity at CPIT in December

15 Nov 2006

The Big Arts Experience is a summer series of community education courses in arts and creativity at CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology).
At only $10 (for NZ citizens and permanent residents 16 years of age and over) youth (16+) and adults from all walks of life and levels of experience are welcome. Come along and develop your voice, learn performance skills, graffiti art, turntablism, songwriting, circus skills, performance, dance and movement, percussion and drumming, arts business skills, music industry, and much more.
Through The Big Arts experience, you will gain an insight into community grassroots and professional arts practice and enjoy learning something new, &/or expand on past, creative skills.

For more information, PH: 940 8191 or email - info@cpit.ac.nz