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Thru the Eye of Obscure

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the .3rd Resistance

A deep immersion team of rave tested operatives /./ we are deep in your future!

29 Sep 2007



Functioning on the fundamentals

Visit the 3rd Resistance Unit Base during Canaan Downs Festival for the delivery of eclectic electronica, techno, deep house & dubs for the hardcore. This year a group of international guests and true school Dj’s & Producers bring you the deepest dance floor at the Festival. Expect full floors before midnight with chill-dem sounds arriving at sunrise.

Deep in our collective future the .3rd Resistance are fighting the (r)evolution.

A small brigade of Operatives have been caught in a space-time anomaly, casting them back to our time. Lacking in resources and running out of options the .3rd Resistance need to get back to the (r)evolution.

Receiving telemetry data of the space-time anomalies occurring at Canaan. The .3rd Resistance have an agenda to investigate. Deploying a program of heavy sonic experimentation will they wrestle control of space-time anomaly's and return home. Transmitting frequencies across the Festival via a specialist diffusion system the .3rd Resistance will tune into the .3rd Space, cutting through the chaos in search of order.


*Radio Freedom*



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:: From the archives ::

In the presence of the ancients of mu in the back of cave on a desolate beach around 3am, at a party constructed from the tattered edges of an ancient dream the .3rd Resistance was born!

Over time the message of the .3rd Resistance has spread. Whispers via underground, behind the scenes, on the fringes, in the inter-zone the people rally to the cause. Quietly and collectively seeking the evolution. Freedom on all frequencies, unity for all people, everyone dancing together as one!

A collective of kindred, the deep school and the true hearts: a vagabond rabble

Covertly infiltrate organisations, hijacking sound systems, inserting secret broadcasts, feeding back the party vibe and intercepting allied transmissions for filtering, freaking and retransmission.