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Trance Energy 2006

Saturday the 12th of Feb was earmarked as a big night for a few of us Kiwis living in London.

2 Apr 2006

After nearly missing the early morning flight from Heathrow, some quick thinking from me and avoiding the que by going straight to the first class self check in desk and then just handing them my bag, we made our 9am flight to Amsterdam.

Thats right folks it was time for another big party. Tranceeeeeeeeeee Energy had been calling us since we left New Zealand a few years ago.

Three of us already in London and one Kiwi on his way over. After a werid but interesting flight arcoss the English channel and following the Nordzeek Canal all the way into Shilopli Airport, we had arrived.

It was quite cool but a very crisp morning in bubbly Amsterdam, the sun was out, a change from the no light days of London. after a little sigh seeing and some dinner it was time to start getting ready for the big event.

Trance Energy is one of Id-t's biggest and oldest events, the name says it all so if your not really a dirty trancer you wouldn't really be going.

So we got our tickets and headed down to the Centraal Station. After using a bit of newly practiced Dutch I managed to get us on the correct and fast train to Utrecht Centraal station.

On the train we meet a few boys from Scotland a and couple of very foul mouthed lasses from Northern Ireland, also on there way to TE.

Unlike Sensation there wasn't a dress code and the line up was made public quite along time ago.

Upon arrive we made our way to the massive gates, it was basically follow the leader to the door, the big sign out front with the words 'Sold Out Tonight Only' was enough to make you want to just get inside.

We missed the start but not to worry.

Having three rooms to check it out it was a bit of a struggle to all keep together.

The Line up was mouthwatering. with the likes of:

Cor Fijinman & Mark Norman

Above and Beyond
Perry Oneil
Markus Shuluz
Armin Van Buuren
Roland & Remy + Armin (Live Setup)
M.I.K.E (Push live set)
Johan Gielen (Dj Set & Live Setup)
Matthew Dekay
Ernseto and Basitan (live)

So yea firstly their were three arenas:


Now the Main stage was a tricky one because it was a spilt stage, with dj alternating at each end, so at the end of eachs dj's set it would stop at and switch to the other end.

For me seeing above and beyond play was out of the world, we got to meet one of the group members just before they went on stage, to a roar. the dropped so many hands in the air vocally tracks, it was a really fun set with boys going nuts at the decks and jumping around everywhere.

Shortly after that it was a switch to see a live setup of Ernseto and Basitan. I think pretty everybody in the whole bulding was singing along to 'darkside of the moon', the live element is something I wish event organisers booked more of. I'm not talking about Bands im talking of the dj's like M.I.K.E and Johan Gielen who can fit it with the best.

These guys really showed us all something a little different and im pretty sure everybody in the building was up for it. the bass is so much deeper and you can really feel it pulse through your body, either that or I was standing to close to the speakers? whoops!

Next it was off to the Armada area, we caught the end of Perry Oneils set and the start of Matthew Dekay's set. very proggy and quite nicely chuggin along. in between all of this was the madhouse stage and chill out area, I was that keen on the harder madhouse stage, but my friends did say that 4 Strings and Jean both played wicked sets.

Then it was back to the main stage for the big set of the night, Armin van Buuren.

Coming in at the Worlds number 3 deejay he ripped it up right from the start. Everybody jumping around with there hands in air. certain members of our group loved him so much they thought it was a good idea to scream with joy? not to sure about that one. He played an awesome uplifting trance set and took us on a wicked 2 hour journey. then all the lasers turned on and some fireworks went off!!! the crowd was pulsing I hadn? seen anything like this since Tiesto in Concert in 04, the crowd was so into the music, but then dirty trancers usually are.

For me it was time to head back to the Armada area, this next duo was the really reason id made the trip over. having never toured nz or aussie, and buying all there tunes and doing a few interviews with them a few weeks before I couldn't wait much longer. Matthew Dekay was nearly finishing his set when we are arrived and pushed our way to the front. when they appeared there was a huge roar of the crowd that was now getting bigger.

Yes thats correctly after years of waiting the boy was going to see his two favourite djs/producers drop a killer set.

Roland and Remy hit it with full force, starting off with a huge mash up, now when we talk live here it was proper live, decks effects, cutting up music everywhere!.

Their Intro went like this a "Melting Point" / "Fearless" / "Twilight" mash-up)

Armin quickly joined them after finishing his set on the stage, by this time the crowd was going insane he managed to pull this gem mix off (Melting point vs. P diddy - Let's get ill)
the carried on for about an hour dropping the likes of , Bad deal - Roland & Remy remix, Till ya drop - Remy vs. Roland Klinkenberg and Intruder - M.I.K.E. vs. Armin v. Buuren.

After waiting so long to see them play I could honestly say I was nearly in tears, there breakdowns on there songs were so big and so long you just wanted to throw your hands in the air and just let it all out!!!! man it was good!

Seeing three guys work the mixers and decks like that was simply amazing, they jammed like a well oiled unit, each swapping around and having a go at each peice of equipment they had, not once did they stuff it up and not once did they look like they weren? enjoying it. I?e neve seen a crowd scream and shout and clap so loud! this was quite easily the set of the event!

Shortly after there finishing track I manged to slip backstage and have a quick chat with them.

There words of we'd love to come New Zealand but someone needs to book us? Really needs to be get out there.

They couldn't chat for long as they where off to a big soccer match that after. After playing such an amazing set it was really nice to know they where so easy to a approach and so easy to chat to.

M.I.K.E finished off that room with some more pumping beats, I really dont think I've dance so much in one night. can't say much for the only girl in our group who by the sounds of things made full use of the chill out area and went to sleep for 1/2 hour! Very funny.

We then made our way back to the main room to hear the last bits of Dj Scott Project's set before we made our way back to the train.

It had been a very long night but a bloody good one.

We jumped onto the train with hunderds of other friendly clubbers and made our way back to Amsterdam Centraal.

Well thats another big gig ticked off the list.

Again big thanks to Laura at Id-t, Roland and Remy for dropping a huge set and taking the time out to say hi.

Picture gallery will be up soon, but also keep an eye and an ear out for Sensation 2006 coming again to Obscure.