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Splore Galore 2010

As we eagerly crossed off the days counting down to Splore we couldn’t help but let our imaginations get a little carried away....

11 Mar 2010

As we eagerly crossed off the days counting down to Splore we couldn’t help but let our imaginations get a little carried away: what gleeful, lush and expansive experiences awaited us? Arriving Friday morning at the campsite we were pleased to make the acquaintance of Dave the Fireman - offering campsite door-to-door service - in a way only a fireman can. With our tents erected, we shimmied through the bush down the goat track. As we emerged we were greeted with the sights of bare-bottom land (life size nude prints) and the eclectic sounds of Pink Floyd’s – Dark Side of the Moon. A memorable start! With a refreshing dip in the sea, followed by the powhiri at 4pm – we had officially arrived at Splore.

In Tapapakanga park the sun shone brightly and the sea was deliciously refreshing. Certainly this is the festival to rekindle old flames, link up with old friends and make new ones. To sit below the lei tree (A pohutukawa wrapped from trunk to twig in lei chains), munch good food and take in the frivolities and hilarity that Splore had on offer.

The music is always an important part of Splore. Headlining the event were Lupe Fiasco and Basement Jaxx, Zoh Zoh, Six60, Minuit, Tahuna Breaks, Sola Rosa and Pitch Black. The Living Lounge also held some great acts - the Nukes and the Artist Otherwise Known as Bob Geldolf remain personal favorites. The Mount Gay Rum bar had the best of Reggae, Dance Hall and Ska for those who were after a good old skank on the grass floor. And with Mother Nature in all her glory as the backdrop these acts couldn’t be topped.

It must be said the true magic of Splore is its holistic approach to the arts. With delicious music drifting over the shoreline you were offered an abundant array of 'all sorts'. You could explore the art trails, design your own prayer flag or lantern, observe circus performances, be enchanted by a burlesque dancer, sit cross legged for story-time with the kids or express your love for someone (there was marriage celebrant on site to help loved up couples tie the knot). Often it seemed to me that the most beautiful forms of art were the people who had come to Splore themselves. There’s nothing like a spontaneous eruption of synchronized swimming or a crowd of people dressed as Midsummer’s Dream fairies prowling the Tapapakanga nighttime landscape. Thank you Splore - until next time...

Words Hellen Robinson
Photos Dominika Zielinska

Thanks Splore! http://www.splore.net/