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Something sain for once

'tunstyle makes a mission to insanity and back ..

13 Sep 2003

We didn't leave till late ..

Over the Crown Range, into the dark, and before you know it' you hit Wanaka. Took us a while to find the Town Hall, which surprisingly is right in the center of town (Oh !)

Cruised into the party with names on the door thanks to Vj, Martin. It has been quite a while since I have been to a multi zone event, with full production and decoration.

Damn was I pleased .. crapy club-nights in smoky bars faded from memory and 'insanity' consumed me.

I tell you there was some excellent stuff going on .. the carpet covered in gladwrap was just sensational, I'm sure it was entirely functional .. but add spilt beer and you are away laughing.

I was immediately impressed by the production.

Some serious application had gone into place to create a fantastic look. I discovered later that the crew had spent two days on setup. Now thats the way I like it, commitment to getting it 'right for the night' ..

The one meter mirror ball was just that .. huge .. and the application of colour changers and a big fat green laser 'kinda worked wicked .. Now I'm not the biggest laser fan myself, but efforts had been made to do some excellent reflective work with the beam that made things matrix up a little .. ah nice.

Overall lighting was very savvy, with excellent use of slide projection onto a spinning screen. Mixed up theater fixtures providing highlights and wash, against a number of well applied moving fixtures. Killing with the 3k strobe too!

Vj setup ' was dishy as well .. lots of inputs to manipulate onto two screens .. one of which was primarily a camera shot of the stage. This was a cool touch as it doubled as foldback view for technical crew seated behind the screens ..

All this and there was still time for some stage performance' giant deep seas creatures under UV light .. . much to the floors delight '

' What about the dj's .. well this was a proper party where the dj's did their job and the party just partied' never mind the VIP room and star performance .. still gotta say Callum is just one nice guy to send to the deck . .

The complete irony of the 'PA supplier also being the local Noise Control officer beat most people' but tuning of the lovery new CV system was done 'just so for maximum effect and no chance of shut-down.

Hence the party moved to applause all the way till 5am .. . all finished nicely as Callum dropped a chill tune instead of just the stop button ..

So we didn't leave till late .. Check out the pic's !!