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Mike, keep the stories coming. Dribble or no, they are funny in places and do liven up our drab existence(s)

9 May 2007


time for some shameless self promo action!

I made a video recently, more timelapse photography
which I been doing a lot of, and got permission for
the music from Theo Parrish. He liked the video and
put it up on his (dare I say it here) Myspace page.
Getting a lot of hits.


see it here;


you can click on the 'Vimeo' link when the video has
played (if you like enough to watch the full 2min) and
DL it free - 90mb, QuickTime.
Feel free to show/share.



Thanks bud,

I have had a long and throughly incomprehensible off list discussion with another p-secreter (not someone who secretes P) about my controversial writing.

The up-shot of it was that I'll keep writing and try to avoid drinking so much or catching public transport.