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She's Lost (Various) free compilation

"She's Lost: an underground New Zealand music recovery expedition", a free downloadable virtual compilation, is now available...

22 May 2007

"She's Lost: an underground New Zealand music recovery expedition" is a free downloadable virtual compilation CD featuring some of New Zealand's finest dark alternative/industrial/electro/experimental artists recording cover versions of their favourite Kiwi songs.

"She's Lost" includes such notable names as indie electro darlings The Fanatics, reknowned darkwave act The Mercy Cage, and the first publicly released recording by iconic New Zealand gothic rock act Disjecta Membra in nearly 10 years, alongside tracks by NUTE, Greg Danger, Melody Fallen, This Theory Of Static, Nullity, Hog Haul Valentine, Betashine & System/Statik.

01 Melody Fallen - Pink Frost
02 The Fanatics - Adults & Children
03 Nullity - Room That Echoes
04 The Mercy Cage - Expecting To Fly
05 This Theory Of Static - Fuji
06 Greg Danger - Affco
07 System/Statik [feat.Michel] - Pulsing
08 Betashine - The Great Escape
09 NUTE - Cheryl Moana Marie
10 Hog Haul Valentine - La Motta
11 Disjecta Membra - Walking In Light