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Rumble in the Jungle

Hip Hop has the DMCs, soap operas have the day time Emmys and New Zealand Drum and Bass has Rumble in the Jungle.

28 Sep 2008

On Saturday the 4th of October, 8 Drum and Bass DJs will arrive in Wellington, practiced and prepared, eager to show their skills in front of an expected sellout crowd at the San Francisco Bath House, each of them aspiring to become the 2008 Jansen Rumble in the Jungle champion.

Having successfully negotiated the regional selection process, and then coming either first or second in their respective regional events, the finalists are all worthy of any glory the competition may bring them. And while the prizes are substantial, all eight DJs would say that recognition and opportunity are the main motivators in entering the competition. The competition has run for 7 years now, and all previous Rumble winners have jumped from relative obscurity, to now play regularly in their towns and tour around New Zealand.

To make sure they are the victor, each of the DJs will be throwing everything in their arsenal at the crowd, with all the tricks and massive tracks getting a workout. Double drops, scratching, chasing, running three turntables at once - all this and more is par for course at a Rumble final.

Of course the night is not just for the chin-strokers in the back, the night is more of a festival than a competition. There is always plenty of provincial rivalry permeating the air, as the crowd love to get behind their region of choice - with many DJs bringing hefty support crews from around the country, the event almost becomes somewhat of a New Zealand Drum and Bass summit.

It’s a competition crossed with a dance party, but most of all, the Rumble in the Jungle final is a celebration – a celebration of what Drum and Bass is all about – DJ’s giving their all behind the decks to wow the crowd.

Andrew Thompson

You can get still get tickets to the final at Real Groovy (Wellington) or online at http://www.rumblejungle.co.nz