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24 Apr 2008

Into Japan

Rightie - sitting in a kind of output bureau computertime rental place in downtown Osaka, on a Mac with a Japanese keyboard...

Fun Poison and Kyoto

I'm in Berlin now...

Deutchland Mate!

An excuse for a latte called a Milschkafe which is more milk than cafe. Zero flavour and around six marks (which is about six bucks).

The long walk

Went for a five hour guided tour around the city of Berlin today, stopping by the wall and lots of important relics from the last 500 years

Amsterdam and what happened on the way

OK, up and shower and ready to go to A'dam. mess around. do email. go to train. get ticket. no ticket. no plane tickets or passport either. Oops

The Love Parade

Me and Larry's morning started pretty quietly at a cafe we'd found that served what almost passed as coffee.


Interview by Jonathan Milne for Lava magazine, 1997

Metamorphose Photos

Photos from the Metamorphose party at Fuji San, Japan.

Olympic Tae Kwon Do

Managed to get down to Olympic Park on friday to check out some of the Tae Kwon Do Prelims... Here are some pictures from a crappy disposable camera I got onsite.