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Ddog & Myself (Assisted by Kava & Rose) thought it best to see exactly what happens in the land of Boganity nowadays.

11 May 2001

Just a quick rant on last nights Pantera Concert. Not really the dance thing but interesting nonetheless.

Ddog & Myself (Assisted by Kava & Rose) thought it best to see exactly what happens in the land of Boganity nowadays.

Just errr to check out what the production was like of course. Nothing at all to do with ummm liking Pantera in the past at all.

Oh, and err just too see what the *competition* was doing.

A virtual sea of skinheads, black shirts (with the obligatory Pantera Logo of course) and about 10% females.

Lots of infantile bahaviour reminiscent of form 3 but with lots of alchohol added.

The toilets were a sea of vomit with almost all surfaces having a good coating by about 9pm. Basins well full of the afternoons meal and there must have been a vomit roster going as there was always some poor sap tossing his cookies into the bowl at any given time.

Mark (Icon Security) evicted 23 drunkards with one chap projectile vomiting through his hand as he was ejected.

We also saw around 3 boyfriends literally dragging their unconcious girlfriends backwards on the heels of their shoes through the crowd after passing out (I assumed that they hadn't been clubbed first as was the norm in prehistoric times).

The crowd was, actually, quite well behaved with no fights visible from our standpoint (although we weren't keen to join the front row and mosh, or as is apparantly done nowadays, whirlpool).

Lots of junping up and down was the norm with the occasional 'lighter being held up in the air' and the obligatory 'one fingered salute' Pantera themselves were hard, fast & loud - pounding their relentless sound through what i estimated to be about 60K of well configured sound.

His singing decended into an indecipherable growl at times but if you knew the words (I knew some!) then it was all OK.

Anselmo (the Lead singer) seemed to be very good at directing the crowds attention towards himself with lots of outstretched arms & pointing at himself.

At more than one point, he turned his back on the crowd and refused to sing until the crowd 'Made some motherfucking noise - i wanna see CHAOS!'

We were also informed that he had consumed 2 tabs of Acid and was well wasted. Top effort.

He had an extreme disliking of Hip-Hop and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers which was well vocalised also.

Lighting was a combination of the eternal Par-Can & a bunch of moving heads. Not bad at all.

All in all a good show for the first 20-30 minutes but then the decention into an angry mass of incredible bass lines and furious drumming was just a bit much for my delicate aural senses.

(Closet Bogan) Jeremy...


The first time they came, they had were running out of time before they were due on stage so they had their pre gig shake into the nearest plastic cups and then put them down on a lighting case....

As they were doin their thing on stage, the stage hands came by with a couple of dozen beer and started filling plastic cups.... seeing 4 plastic cups of "beer" already filled on the lighting box, they continued to put them there.

Half way thru the gig, they threw the house lights up and wheelled the lighting box onto stage....

The band then yelled "grrrr who wants a muthfn beer?? grrrr" and threw them into the audience.... yummy yummy on my tummy.... nasty beer drinking thugs from texas.....

Leon (president of nz chapter of pantera fanclub)