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Original Nation

With summer festivals thin on the ground in 2007 the upcoming "I-Nation" has potential as the new Roots party. Obscure catches up with OG (Oakley Grenell) the inspiration behind the concept.

29 Jan 2007

Having spent the last four years following the summers to Europe, Teaching music and developing his music craft. OG is now relaxing again in his hometown Christchurch. Like many NZ music stories, paths cross, mix and gather together with a distinctive harmony.

If you haven't seen OG play in person, chances are you have experienced his input and influence via bands like Bunyip, Otautahi All-stars, and Departure Lounge. Or more likely you have heard his remix works with a myriad of New Zealand artists like Nomad, King Kapisi, Ladi 6 and Queenstown's MC's KP & Switch.

Under his self-titled project OG, Oakley produces music across multiple genres of Dub, Roots, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Dancehall, 2 Step and Breaks.

Enjoying the freedom of independent work, but also drawn to the dynamics of creating music in collaboration, his focus rotates between solo production and band projects.

While his solo works explores styles commonly driven by Dj & MC culture, his instrumental and song writing skills are a catalyst for drawing together live ensemble performance with some of Christchurch's best new fusion artists.

Interestingly in the battle between Guitar & Turntable OG believes the Guitar will always win. Perhaps a touch biased due to his Guitar training at ChCh Jazz School, this doesn't seem to stop his hands working the decks.

Altogether its the combination of Oakleys training & experience that presents a confidence to his sound. The music swings with a rich Aotearoa flavor, the subtle connections to our island reality and a fusion of all the musical micro-cultures that breed on our shores. Playing the boarder line between urban and rural, local and international.

More importantly the skills crossover of musician & Dj places OG at the center of a unique musical universe. Where a growing ripple of independent New Zealand artists bypass the typical hypes and their talent taps directly into the undercurrents of distinctly New Zealand vibe.

A vibe seeking an expression of our land & environment, a synergy with the messages of one-love, community, peace and social justice. A vibe bringing a rich pacific rhyme and rhythm to the sense of being Aotearoa, of being our own Nation.

The upcoming I-Nation party is a reflection of OG's musical connections and inspiration in the New Zealand dance scene. A line up of Dj's & MC's and performers who influence and drive his journey through music.

A new generation celebration of the Roots culture in New Zealand.