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New Years, New Years

Everyone knows the best way to celebrate New Years in New Zealand is dancing outdoors. With more choices that ever before, event Veteran Simon Kong takes a look into Alpine Unity, Visionz and Stardust.

29 Oct 2002

Everyone knows the best way to celebrate New Years in New Zealand is dancing outdoors.

With more choices that ever before, Event Veteran Simon Kong takes a look into Alpine Unity, Visions and Stardust.

Alpine Unity, Arthurs Pass

AU has grown out of an understanding for the outdoor experience. Big sky, mountains, phat as sound, Alpine rides the scale of outdoor events this New Years.

Speaking about quality, Alpine is looking for 'more holiday less ordeal'.

Understanding an urban audience means having some creature comforts.

Efforts are being made to provide showers and a full spectrum of food available.

You can arrive at this party slightly unprepared, as long as you are prepared to dance.

Featuring three internationals from different styles, all comers will find reason to have their hands in the air.

Of interest the main stage will be in a new location. Aiming to be the heart of the party, touching on all sounds.

On the main stage you will find jazz, the biggest in NZ electronica and even sublime ambient moments.

Alpine wants to offer organisation, awesome production, a spanking cross section of NZ artist supported by 'your' local Dj's, with a couple of other people that you really want to hear flying in.

The objective of the AU crew is to build an event, which is manageable and sustainable.

These kids are driven by a complete passion for the experience of outdoor dancing in New Zealand.

Visionz, Golden Bay

Beside the beach with the bush behind, at the base of farewell spit where the hills disappear and the sand stretches back into the sky, there is a different party.

Visionz, a charitable trust designed to put back into the community that surrounds it, Visionz is an outdoor event with a green tinted heart.

This is a party for the hardier soul, for self-sustaining people.

Starting at dusk on the 30th and flowing all the way through to 2nd, a little preparation won't go amiss.

Visionz speaks about the land and about the people, it speaks about making something for yourself.

Heading into its third year, Visionz continues to grow in organic and sporadic ways.

At the core is concern for community and a passion for celebration.

While not everyone cup of chai, seekers of the alternative NZ dance in ways that it has always been, sound systems under a naked sky, will find a cosy camp at Visions.

Self-confessed as 'not super high tech' Visionz leaves the music and nature to meet in your mind.

With areas for all styles and music for all tastes, live, NZ, local and underground internationals.

Expect a random order of beats tinged in psychedelic flavours.

Visionz is as it claims, a vision for a future where everybody puts in and everyone gains.

Stardust, Cannan Downs

On the top of a quartz mountain, the Stardust crew is preparing once again for one of their unique events.

Three years into it the Stardust crew are still sticking to their roots.

Blacklight is the name of the game with each party featuring a new array of fluoro decorations and banners.

This is as event for the moderately well prepared - high on a mountain, the weather can change fast.

Expect a variety of food stalls but have cash handy.

Stardust people are young and old, families and all, with a lot of regulars the heart of this party is a familiar face.

Housetruckers are more than welcome and can even arrive a day early to get settled.

Don't worry about leaving to soon, organisers are relaxed about when to finish this party. No 'cold stop' here.

If your bent is to play Drums, the Tribal area will be an excellent place to sweat off some of the year's grips.

Everyone is welcome to bring an instrument and do your thing.

The Music Zones are featured heavily with local Dj's 'keeping it real'.

DJ names go unlisted for the promotion of this party keeping the focus on the occasion and the people attending.

This is a party for interactive folk, who like to dress up and freak the dancefloor.

Bonfires, fire poi, tribal beats, laughing faces, fluoro magic, sink holes, native Beech Forest and a touch of Stardust.

This is a party you will leave feeling good!


I will be lost somewhere in Europe this New Years, but my thoughts will be of home and the many dancefloors across the nation that will be storming it up.

The opportunities we have for dance are unique.

I hope that everyone finds someplace that they are comfortable, surrounded by friends & whanau.

The events on offer this New Years are spectacular, but they all depend on you.

So be sure to 'represent' bring your love and take home your rubbish