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My My Sound System .the 3rd Resistance

Specs for the My My performance @ Massive Autumn Equinox 07

2 Mar 2007

A performance expanding & combining the sonic concepts of Southern Oscillations, the 3rd Space & My My Sound System. The 3rd Resistance exploits three different techniques of sound manipulation & input, presented onto three distinct layers of Sound System.

The primary layer of sound is the event installed Massive Sound System. This layer provides the dominate sound reinforcement for the performance. The secondary layer will be a special install of performance specific system components. This layer will provide FX and alternative reinforcement to the primary layer. The third layer will be an ambient soundscape. Providing a extended texture & context to the primary and secondary layer.

Project participants for the 3rd Resistance are:

Simon Kong, John McCallum, Andrew Mackinon, Matthew Ayton