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In all the ways that ways can be


28 Jul 2000

in all the ways that
ways can be .
and if
I was to re'edit and
adjust`just such one
of these . ways

what could result as
or develop into .

just `such more ways

which could adjust .

'ending with this
in hand . a loop


.. .

I've been having extravagant thoughts about the
underground again . idealising what once was and
what has now become what I recognise around me .

however I wanted to give credit to the feralness
of the underground . and it's mutant' ability to
remain generation to generation almost a disgust
to the establishment .. and even while the stasis
of the establishment is always created from 'the
direct evolution of the underground ..

I do believe we love to make a myth of this lost
nation 'in order to hide our embarrassment of our
loss of originality ..

.if we admit to the existence of the underground
as it does exist .. then we would have to credit
it's current members for our own fortune . ..

The underground is maintained as a myth .. by us
who live in the light .. because we love to take
a romantic view . which leaves us able to say .

'back in the day. 'when it was real. 'old school

the fact of the matter is .that hippy kid who's
got a soy latte 'and kinda smells . punk wannabe
in doc martins 'who never really knew what `it
was like . the kid who's got no job but a look !

.. this is the alive kicking underground . on a
real cutting edge of life . these people decide
their own way .form their own life undivided by
responsibility or requirement ..

we loath their existence because we now have no
choice . conform or be disowned . we fear their
liberation . we hate their lack of attention ..

we reject their desire to be how they want . we
feel disrespected by their independence .. they
seem ignorant to what is required by society .

.we long to be again 'apart of the underground
yet we cannot demise ourselves to be unaccepted
as the true underground is . . we have grown up
matured into adult life . we remove the 'random
and create routine and order .we create excuses
for inclusion as opposed to exclusion ..

as adult life requires we conform . to ease the
problems of justification and acceptance . with
less time to challenge .. more focus on success

the underground . has no value with success .

our lives cannot function without success . and
success can afford no compromise . we are aware
of what we have sacrificed 'these are decisions
we feel we had no choice about .. .

so in cold reaction to what we were .in a shame
of what we have lost in our lives we re-invent'

we hide from the truth that the underground is
next door to us . not washing and loaning cash

and we make it the myth of our youth . a event
of the past unattainable and never quite real .

.while all the while with secret envy of those
who fear no `judgement from society and hold a
brave individual face to the world ..

so quietly we steal their strength and visions
and carefully re-paint them as if our own .. .

protected from rejection of original thought .