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Thru the Eye of Obscure

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Making it Real Perhaps?

whatever you create should move people, make them think and involve them. Our souls yearn for it, we are always searching.

15 May 2007

Grooving into the cosmos and mentally engaging with a beat may sound pretty sweet in theory but come on, our lives need more bite than that. It doesn't matter what kind of artist you are, when you make something that comes from your soul, that is embedded with thoughtfulness, passion and insight, you are giving people a platform from which to dive into their own subconscious and help them to something more. Otherwise aren't we all just wasting our time?

As creators we are expressing all the time, we put it out there, we want it bought so it can be listened to, engaged with. We don't want it to just fill up an empty space, we want it to get to you, move you, entice you, to get inside your head and twist it . Why create pretty fill in pieces that are quickly forgotten? Lets create work that speaks, these are the kind of works that aren't forgotten and are remembered and shared with generations.

We create bridges linking ideas and emotions and if we fluff around with it and create something weak that crumbles and breaks, there goes the audience. Artists are storytellers and if what you are saying is real, inspiring, invites change or discussion, how much more exciting is that? Hell, why waste your life floating around making puff pieces when you could be creating lightning and zapping people with something intense? Give people something to get their teeth into!

As consumers and listeners of music we all know how it can resonate with the human heart, lots of people have memories and feelings associated with music. You're feeling vulnerable and broken-hearted and all of a sudden a song comes on and echoes all that you are feeling. Music can get us through.

It's great with the diversity of New Zealand music now, most of us kiwis are listening to each other now and hearing about struggles and triumphs that are closer to home. Even at gigs where we're drunk, stoned, dancing, being primal and enjoying the beat, it doesn't mean we aren't listening. Give the crowd something more than just entertainment and so much more can happen. We would share our experiences, buy your cds, go back to your gigs, be inspired to talk about real things.

Music that is pretty, entertaining and trite is enjoyed all around the world but it won't be remembered. I guess I'm saying that true artists should aim for something higher, a little bit of entertainment now and then can be good for you but don't lose sight of what we can do if we get more real. We should create works that awaken people's imaginations so they can use them themselves.

Jenny Leyden