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Mad Professor - Declaration of War

If like myself you were one of the last persons on earth to have heard about the events that shook the world and flatten the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001, then you must have thought it's all a dream.

8 Oct 2001

Declaration of War / Armegedeon War

If like myself you were one of the last persons on earth to have heard about the events that shook the world and flatten the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001, then you must have thought it's all a dream.

I was enroute from my Eastern Caribbean holiday when all this was happening. Since returning to London, I have been asked by several journalists, dubious characters and odd persons about my views and thoughts on the events. I decided that I will not comment to any individual, but digest the news first and foremost.

Realistically, the news should not have been too shocking, considering various persons and books wrote about similar events. The bible being the principle book contains similar predictions, Notrodamus wrote about certain phenomenon's that were probably difficult to interpret.

Closer to home in January 2000 we at Ariwa Studios recorded a chilling piece of dub.

So chilling we called it Declaration of War.( Trix in the Mix) Mad Professor ARI CD 155.

Two weeks after recording this track, Lee Scratch Perry voiced it. Calling it Armageddon War. (Techno Party). This track spoke of "Thousands of Americans dying" and various scenarios, very close to what is now history.

Coincidence or deliberate?

Can certain events be predicted? And if so, do we shut up the "Predictors" like in the olden days, or continue to ignore messages and works of art that may not be tidings of joy.

Of course 21st century media has a part to play. Never before throughout history has mankind been able to communicate with his own like now.

We have thousands of radio stations, equally thousands of newspapers, millions of mobile phones, computers, web pages and many other methods only just short of telepathy.

So there for why there is still very little voice and medium for the alternative works of art?

Why is message music still ignored?

Anyone listening to Radio 1, Capital and the other main stations in the UK, would hear the same crap day in day out, as Babylon praise demigods characters posing as "DJs" and "Pop Stars".

I am not saying that by playing message music disasters will be avoided. Not necessary, but at least anyone will have the choice to listen or ignore certain sounds.

Even the so called "black media" The Choices of Voices is caught up with the same ego tripping crap Mirroring the Suns of Radio One. At least if we were free to hear true alternative political and creative music, and if we were free to read true alternative press, we would then be able to truly understand where we stand in the scheme of things and not necessary reacting as we are programmed to.

In the mean time, please check out "Trix in the Mix" by Mad Professor Ari 155 and "Techno Party" by Lee Scratch Perry...Arem 002.... Have a good listen, you may be able to "predict the plot" next plot....

Personally Speaking.

I would like to say a big yow to my elder sister's husband Bert who fled from the WTC where he worked for his daily bread. Reminding me, that all types of people were affected by the crash...Black - White, Rich - Poor, Man - Woman.

Front Door Close / Back door open.

For many years as I travel through Europe, I've been baffled why in some countries, mainly Germany, Italy and even Holland ...if you are a black man you are subjected to unnecessary crap.

You can be the 10th person passing through immigration, all with the Red Book (British Passport), which is meant to allow free unhindered passage to persons of any colour...

But for the single visibly reason that the 10th person is black, that person is then stopped, questioned, his passport physically ripped apart, he is meant to feel like a fugitive, a refugee, a criminal..embarassed,hassled, while the real terrorist sail through and, if a terrorist really want to get into any of those countries...he would prefer to travel by land, where there are no border controls. So the front door is locked tightly, but the back door is wide open.

I travel often enough, to observe this...so if you think this is not the case, please try visiting those countries using both methods. You will see what I mean!!!


Whilst we all mourn and grieve the loss of life that occurred in the twin towers, attention is brought to one man...one Bin Laden. The funny thing is, we the public has still yet to see some hard evidence linking this man to the bombing. Because the hijackers are now dead, there can be no confession.. We therefore will not be part of any hysterical lynching mob. Instead we reserve the right of any democratic citizen...i.e. innocent till proven guilty...

The Mad Professor is on tour 2001:

"the dub master has landed ... "

Melbourne oct 3
dunedin oct 5
Queenstown oct 6
Christchurch oct 10
Wellington oct 11
Auckland oct 12
Brisbane oct 13
Sydney oct 14