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Thru the Eye of Obscure

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Light is Local.

Somethings you never notice, some people you never meet. These people notice things and maybe you should meet them, sometime.

29 Apr 2003

Pre-drawn. There's a pale glow over the beach trees in the east. It's cold. Real cold. Shuffling from one foot to the next, peering past your own misty breath.

Silence. The birds are asleep and the crews long since dissolved into the canvas city. The rain has become a hovering mist and the mud has crept into every section of clothing. It's sticky.

Popping another can of V rolling a cigarette, a figure moves, off between the truss flowers. The yellow rain coat burns against the washed out background. A large blue object follows the figure, twisted against it's own weight in a limp bounce. Your not alone after all.

We have twelve hours. They can't be serious, are they already here?

Never did see the camping area. Searching focus within the monitor the Mac sweeps back to home position. They'll never know. The pod glows. When is it enough? I scan through the files and shuffle my feet.

Silence. The yellow figure wades past again in the distance. Shutting down the Macs, closing the op and shaking life back into the hands I made for the forest. The mirror balls swing in the morning breeze, smiling, thinking back to the previous day, four grown men in a tree. Following the twisting tail, uv rocks, the House tent appeared. Simons there. Tinkering, always. It's warm.

Eleven hours to go. What's next? Coffee thanks.

Illuminati-NZ appeared in 1992. Outdoor festivals and events have produced many adventures. The Gatherings, White Cliffs Gathering, White Cliffs Nu Beginnings, Destination, Wonderland and many more.

Thank you all. It's a blur of dawns. Remember the moment. See that guy? Ask him.

I remember the faces. Thank you Gathers and those that trekked Destination. Remember that colour split, the faded prism spin? It doesn't matter, I saw the look in your eyes. I saw the smile. Why are you here? You can't come in here, it not finished. It doesn't matter, you had it the whole time.

Now its real. Then and here. It our pleasure, bring it on.

Light is local, everything really. I've seen it bent and tasted its colour. Prime number's, that's right. It's late, time to dim.

Anything's possible - do you see it? We might.

Look us up, we're down the back.

Respect to the dawn, I saw you there.

Mike Smith