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King of the Dubs !

Watch out bass lovers Tiki is out on his own working up the place '

3 Sep 2007

I was delighted today to find out Tiki has started out on solo projects.

I remember Tiki from early days in ChCh playing in bands. Tiki would turn up early, set up the PA, help out all the bands playing, sound check everyone, mix all the bands, play with his own band, pack down all the gear and put it all away.

A tireless committed, talented individual who single-handedly held so many situations togeather with his passion that the NZ music industry of today would be missing a huge chapter of it's history had he not been there to effectively write it.

Have you ever watched him mix?

I turn up to gigs just to watch Tiki! I love hearing the bands, but as a sound geek its his work that always inspires me. The sound that he gets out of a PA is incredible, the finesse with which he operates a sound desk in a live situation is incredible. He is able to pull sounds out of a system that I did not think was possible. Hearing him run it up on a large outdoor system is second to none!

There is a reason that bass sounds in NZ have reached the calibre they have. That reason is Tiki! His work as an engineer pushed the deaf and dying rock'n'roll sound into a new dimension. Treating sub bass with the special attention it deserves. In many degrees Tiki tailor made the dub sound of Aotearoa.

So look out now has he focuses his full attention on his own projects!

Kia Kaha Tiki! Thanks for all the good sounds so far, looking forward to all your new works because it will be quality.

His new website here: http://www.tikidub.com

"Woow! Here U am waiting in Singapore airport with Shapeshifter heading to London and come across 'King of the Dubs' while searching tha net. Fukin awesome humbling words. Brought back some emotional beautiful memories of tha good ol days! Keep it locked, I've got sum big tings dropping this summer. Bless! Tiki."