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15 Apr 2008

non generic

non generic

Presenting a concept that will cut through the chatter, destroy your expectations and banter your sense of entertainment. KILL! CLUB hits the circuit as the edgiest brand in the box.

The rules are simple:

dress smart
play techno
no requests

KILL! CLUB is getting your attention, focusing the details and making presentation an essential medium to the music. Simple, smart, stylish: leading the edge back to club culture.


Ben Fulford-Talbot

A branded event set for international exposure, KILL! CLUB is hosted by the residents with guest support. The resident crew are connected by their musical ethic and a completely electronic approach to music delivery. Vinyl has been abandoned for more modern means of music management.


KILL! CLUB runs a monthly residency in Christchurch. Plus regular appearances nationwide.


Visual branding on LCD screens, themed mannequin mascot, DJ dress code, environmental lighting, no smoke machine, quality sound systems, late model hardware, audio stings, vox microphone for communication. Music presentation is collaborative. Tempo 128 bpm +/-


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