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In Light

The 'war' suddenly revealed to millions of shocked white people all round the world is an ideological one that has simmered for hundreds of years.

14 Sep 2001

The 'war' suddenly revealed to millions of shocked white people all round the world is an ideological one that has simmered for hundreds of years.

Everybody knows what happened two days ago. Two planes fly into the Twin Towers. Millions of gallons of highly inflammable fuel herald the material object of this third world war to be: OIL.

The more abstract aspect of this war is that Justice is at war with White Supremacy in its guise of Capitalism.

Make no mistake. This Justice is by no means the "justice" that pretender President GB2 spoke of through his crocodile tears.

Justice is to nourish and sustain, selflessly, every living being, from the merest ant to the mightiest tree. GB1 & 2's idea of justice is to try the suspect by proof of deed and sentence that person to death.

Do they not worship Christ, the only Saint to be killed by his own people? Christianity has one fundamental flaw; it does not openly teach its believers that Heaven is within, and accessible at will.

This is the third aspect of this final war.

We must heal this division in our body, to meld the material back together with the spiritual.

Our imagination will organize the powers of our spirit to make this goal a reality.

Meanwhile. We are being lied to.

This is all about Oil. This is why GB2 stole the election, he and his CIA

Has anyone forgotten the UN resolution to begin paying Middle East countries in the Euro? Has anyone forgotten that this switch-over will soon happen? They will no longer tolerate payment in the currency of the infidel, the pagan.

Does anyone believe that in such a racist country as USA, indeed, to use an anagram; we are at war with the concept of IAMRACE. With all its connotations of competition, of becoming the best, of domination, of supremacy: with the recessive gene bearers doing all they can to remain on "top".

Under this interpretation of the facts, it may be construed that all planes are grounded, not because of hijacking fears, but to conserve finite oil resources.

Osama Bin Laden? CIA trained.

This was inevitable. To topple the structures of White Supremacy, Capitialism, and their subsets Race, Class, and Patriarchy, the very infrastructure must be subdued.

The fall of the Towers was a necessary, symbolic act. The attempts on the White House, the USX building, and the Pentagon were the practical necessities.

We at last perceive the true capabilities of the US military engine. Who could recover these cellphone transmissions? Who knew, perhaps, to watch for such transmissions as "evidence" of hijacking. Who were probably aware of the second plane's conversations with controllers on the ground prior to impact.

One reported conversation reads thus: "we're being hijacked." And Dispatcher Glenn Cramer said: "He heard some sort of explosion and saw white smoke coming from the plane and we lost contact with him."

This corroborates the possibility that a F16 fighter shot down the plane to prevent it destroying potential targets including the White House, Camp David, and USX. There were early reports that the fourth plane had been shot down, and it is a matter of gossip all over the country, with people divided in opinion.

We have not been told the full truth, and we never shall be.

What of the future tragedy which is about to unfold?

Will the USA offer compensation for lifelong trauma caused by poisonous asbestos flung into the air? Even now, it still burns.

Will the USA use Palestine as a bench-head, using the weaponry stockpiled by overly generous "aid" to prevent the "terrorism" of Palestinian children throwing stones; such aid frequently coming in the form of attack helicopters, of Durban denial (which was really a smokescreen to obscure the issue of reparations for 400 years of white murder and destruction of entire cultures), and only God knows what else?

Will the sleeper awaken? Will the peoples of the world unite their spirits and use yesterday and unify their consciousnesses against the ignorant personality of the spiritually asleep?

God is our witness in every pulse of blood through our hearts.

My prayers go out to all who have lost family, friends and loved ones in this
war of Justice.

In light.