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Fascists aren't people

Another day at the office, or is it?

8 Oct 2002

Fascists aren't people? Another day at the office, or is it? God its bizarre working for facsists.

I cant believe they look and act like normal people.

Are they wearing cast off skins? Like that mini-series V.

What do they look like in thier natural form and would gazing upon their real outer-shells be depramental to my health?

Im sure behind some off these closed and locked doors there a forced confessions and beatings taking place.

Sometimes, when I let my eyes and mind wander, I can catch a glimpse of these... creatures... in their real states.

When this happens I get a fright when I notice that the person I'm seeing is staring not just at me, but through me!!!!

Like than can see the dissent inside me.

I hope they never find out what I really am or who knows what could happen.

It might be like the scene I saw on TV last nite.

Colin Powell was meeting with the Chief UN Weapons Inspector.

At the press conference before the meeting, The Weapons Inspector looked very stern and solid like he was not gonna except the crap being spewed by the nasty americans.

BUT... At the end of the meeting they come out of the building to another press conference and the Weapons Inspector is smiling and talking about how they have ironed over the problems and that america has every right to block the inspectors.

What went on in that meeting? Was he held down and had something forced into his brain? A parasite from another planet or from hell?

I do rememeber seeing a small mark on the back of the inspectors neck when he turned... Whats going on here? Have I stumbled upon something?

I better go before they relize that im not one... uh-oh.... shit.

I can see the bosses office opening and in that small second I saw some surgical equipment. He's coming towards me, he has a syringe and saying
"We need to talk about your future Mike.We believe you have a bright future with us"

I dont trust that lopsided grin.

I must flee but rememeber if you happen to see me in the street one day and Im wearing a three-piece suit whilst babbling about nazis and locking up the homeless you know that I am lost and hopefully you will put me out of my misery.

Please help, I must run now...