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EveryDayJunglist -- Beatz, Bass, Bewbz....

Presenting EDJorg Global Breakcentric Music Community!!!!

24 Apr 2009

After months of solid development we are pleased to announce the beta launch of the new Everydayjunglist.org (EDJv2.b1). We would like to thank all of those that have continued to support us over the years. It is your overwhelming support that has contributed to record breaking traffic #’s, radio listeners and a catalog of music that has grown over 150X in the last three months.

The new version is sure not to disappoint:

*  Complete redesign from the ground up with a new navigation style that is sure to grab attention!
*  Increased artist space now you can upload 250M of your videos, music, photos and more all for FREE!
*  Completely restructured forum and community features!
*  EDJradio -- http://www.everydayjunglist.org/lists/radio -- now has its own section including: live radio stats, geo-tracking of radio listeners, EDJradio mobile, popup media player and more.

(Thanks to the consistent increase in new content the radio now filters through only fresh music uploaded in the last 90 days.)

http://www.everydayjunglist.org -- Sign up today!!