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Don't stop Dancing

A well established phenomenon in the NZ countryside. These festival
fixtures of assembled freaks and the curious. These sound systems,
food vendors, marquees, generators and the portaloo.

11 Dec 2006

Becoming one with the unison of sonic ecstasy on the divine path to super inner spiritual guidance of the ego less truth on the palate of astral karma.. .

Yea' we were in the camping ground and this flying dove came swooping down and knocked my hat of. I was crawling around for age's trying to find where it was.

Nah ' I just came from the other zone, the Dj in there is wack, he thinks that he is pulling off this really crazy mixing but its just bad.

I brought a special supply, every year I bring some, a whole bag of toilet paper insect repellent, sunscreen and pairs of brand new socks.


The was a time in my life where all I seemed to do is go to dance parties every weekend, outdoors somewhere, dancing in a paddock, sleeping in a car, eating off little gas cookers. We used to have special places all over the country where we would collect water, the drinking water we would have at the parties.

We were at the front for like hours, the sound is so good just a little to the right, and there were these other people just hitting it with us, it was wicked.

Quick they are about to start, get all your stuff, we have got to go now or we are going to miss them starting.

Oh it was so good, the sun coming up, the music was perfect and everyone was just dancing. All these faces came out of the woodwork, people I thought I had seen in the night, but wasn't sure.

All these people, everyone has been really cool, we have meet all sorts of wicked people and had a great time.

It's been a long time, this is really a special occasion, getting out to a party like this and getting into it with all the people.

Totally, this is the biggest party in NZ, no doubt and I reckon it's been running the longest.

Defiantly the best, I've been to all of them. Top crew; really know what they are doing. Did you see the laser man that was something special?

1993 was when I first went to a dance party I think, there was no stage, just a guy playing records, UV lights and a naked guy I think. Yea, that's right there was defiantly a naked guy.

The scene is so deep in NZ. There is a core of people in certain places who have just been working on these types of events for years. Its like a cottage industry, still very DIY the whole scene, people making spaces for themselves.

But, dude I can't get up, I've got no legs.

Correct, we are on the 17th alignment of the 3rd perplex. See over there about fifteen paces, yes, that's where I have placed the crystals tuning harmonics, to release beate energy from the intersection.

This is land of the people; people have come here for years to wash themselves, you know release themselves of history, to let go. The rituals have changed, but the land remains the same.

Bro, I heard that he just walked off aye, he was like yelling at him some stuff, and then he just swore his head off and walked away. Apparently he got in his car and has gone.

He's such a dish, his dreamboat eyes, and the tunes he plays are so liquid, I just get shivers thinking about him mix.

Oh my god, he is such a slapper, my mate hooked up with him, and he kept asking her to blow him off while he was djing.

Respect the sound man, respect the music. The music gives us all something to do when we get together, you know it connects us, it makes us one, and it raises us up.

This is amazing, I have never been to a party like this before, it's huge and there is all the stuff going on, all these people.

Arrgh, I've been working for like three days, non-stop. But I'm having the best time.

All I can say is love to everyone; this is all about love, being one people.