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Dear Friends, Fanatics, Lovers and Comrades

Today we leave the southern hemisphere to record our sixth album in Vancouver with Garth Richardson.

20 Sep 2004

During the last 12 months we locked ourselves away in Melbourne, Wellington and in the central North Island of New Zealand to write music and reconnect with what it is we love to do.

The writing process has brought us closer as a band than we have been for several years, and that being the case we are going to continue as we began - under the name Shihad.

The events surrounding the name change and our choice to be known as Pacifier are well documented. As much as we believed in what we were doing, and the reasons for doing it at the time - the truth is we were wrong.

We have always been lucky to have such a strong group of supporters who have stood up and stuck with the band through some very turbulent and emotional times. We are particularly grateful to those that embraced us during the Pacifier years, and we look forward to seeing you all when we return in November.

Jon, Tom, Karl and Phil.


Log on to http://www.shihad.com to download MP3 samples from the new album.