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CONTROL. Watch this film.

The life and death of Ian Curtis...

28 Aug 2007

watch 24 hour party people,

then watch this film.

I was cringing at the end of the film because I have very real problems with watching people dying, but thank christ it was kept in check. (thankyou)

This film is bloody good.

If you are serious about music, watch it.

If you are into WIDE SCREEN and love B&W photography, watch it.

If you never made any of Joy Divisions concerts, watch it.

If you want to see presence on stage, again, watch it. (transmission is wicked)

If you want inspiration, watch it.

I am a complete sceptic, critic and up front no bullshit person. I don't like very many films. I like this a lot.

Go and see it. Forget what I said, make your own mind up.

Do it.