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Beat Up Netcast

Delivered via Psurkit.net - Sound Bites, rough questions & microphone bollacks.

17 Apr 2007

It's all about finding out whats going on at street level. Going to the club, the gig, the people that make the scene and asking questions.

Getting carried away with a microphone, Simon Kong heads direct to source of the New Zealand electronic scene to explore via netcast what is actually happening on the dancefloor. Talking to anyone who is willing and a few people who are not Beat Up is project to voice the mood of the scene.

Using stupid amounts of local history to corner the old school, sniff out the new school and generally rough up the story. Beat Up will adventure where no dance culture media has gone before, onto the streets and into the sounds of the scene. Capturing the vibe in a unique way to communicate the events that are creating the New Zealand dance scene.