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DJ Bailey + MC Tali

"It's my first time in Wellington and I can't believe I've never played here, I'll definitely be back, without a doubt."

6 Aug 2002

Studionine, Wellington, Thursday 1st August 2002

Packed out would have to be the phrase of the night.

The gig was sold out with less than a handful of door sales left. Studionine filled to its capacity with the anticipation accelerating as the force of Bailey and Tali grew near.

Christchurch local Mosus performed a tight set for a crowd that was there for an epic night.

With a cheeky rewind Bailey concluded Mosus's set and the crowd became electric with the presence of a UK great. "All Aboards'" distant tunes informed the goers of a phat night ahead.

A smiling MC Tali graced the stage with an outfit pleasing to the eye. The pair promised to play for the crowd and that they did, feeding our addiction for thick heavy bass lines.

DJ Bailey was a smooth operator performing without fault alongside one of our very own - MC Tali. This Christchurch girl reminded us how much we're missing out on, oozing out lyrics so alluring they could only leave the room wanting more.

As the night raved on the pair's excitement amplified, giving more to the massive, surging us to dance on. Tali's chants "Wellington can I have some noise?"

Studionine provided an ideal venue, you could move around the room with ease, gaining a satisfying view of the action at any given spot and being surrounded by packed vibes.

As condensation filled the air and coated bodies, DJ Bailey ploughed on with exceptional force and flow, and provided for an intense build up to Tali's ecstatic "Lyric on my lips."

The crowd soared throughout the night until the words "I think you know what time it is guys," echoed from Tali's mic, while cries of encouragment hollered back.

The two excitedly thanked the room for a rewarding night and promised to return. Dillinger's climactic bass line through "All Aboard" saw the night's excitement hit new levels.

The dance floor cleared almost immediately, reflecting the void left by Bailey's skills. But it wasn't long before B-Lo's funky, head bopping tracks drew the crowd back.

DJ Bailey and MC Tali retreated to the Nine Bar for a well earned thirst quencher and endless praise from friends and fans.

Bailey said the gig went exceptionally well.

"Wellingtonians are more enthusiastic, and heaps more lively."

Tali had a grin from ear to ear.

"It's my first time in Wellington and I can't believe I've never played here, I'll definitely be back, without a doubt."

Bailey's parting shot echoed this, "I really want to come back."

A lightening sky and groups of satisfied drum n bass heads stumbling out into the new day signalled the end of a night that exceeded the expectations of the Wellington massive.