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Organikismness_ One of New Zealands most respected and prolific drum n bass duo's fomally consisting of Alison Harley ( Alion,Distraction ) and "dirty Harry " Bretherton ( Fiction,Subversion, ) chose to go there seperate ways in june 2009.
The break up bringing about a few changes in the Organikismness camp . Mainly a side project of Harry's named Subversion, focussing on deep dub / dubstep and drum n bass, electronica, drum funk, psi, hiphop and much more, creating a live set from both digital and live instruments .
Thus bringing Organikismness's main focus back to terrorising dance floors with the heavy twisted futuristic drum n bass and dubstep sound it is so well known for.
Be it behind the decks or his live set up Harry is renownd as one of the most talented up and coming musicians on the scene with a bag of tricks matched by no other, his performances are not to missed.
2009 has already been a massive year for Harry having played his all original set alongside Klute, Bad comany, Fierce, Ewun, C4C, Asides, Optimus gryme, The Upbeats, State of mind, Concequence, Caspa and others throughout New Zealand and Austrailia .
Organikismness's second album "The web that has no weaver " had over 2000 downloads in the first 3 months it was available, the Organikismness pod casts have also been going out to thousands of people and tracks such as "Standard practice" among many others have been taking dance floors by storm.
Also the completion of a massive collab between Optimus gryme and Organikismness "His masters voice" following up the epic dub voyage "refugee" which featured on Optimus gryme's "Eclipse LP". Organikismness has even been tearing up the electro clash scene throughout the states with Coco solid ripping live versions of the "Party under ground" remix .
There is no sign of things slowing up either with Organikismness's third album nearing completion, the "Form in motion" LP on Bass weight featuring material from both Organiksimness and Subversion due out in september and a scroll of releases on other labels both in NZ and oversea's set for later this year.
Organikismness is also touring with Black sun empire , State of Mind , Truth and Evol Intent over the next few months through out New Zealand and has forth coming international tours for both Subversion and Organikismness later this year and 2010.

Check out http://www.myspace.com/organikismness or http://www.organikismness.com for more info

Bomb the Base - End Game

Drum and Bass - Dubstep

  • Sat 13 Jun - Fu Bar - Auckland

Corrosive Noise 5

Not for the faint hearted...

Corrosive Noise 7

destructive music

Datsik [Canada] + Form in motion LP Release party

Bassweight presents the international dubstep phenomenon known as Datsik

Dub FX Christchurch

With YouTube views in the hundreds of millions, a Facebook fan page with almost half a million likes, and sold out tours the world over, Dub Fx is one of the most popular artist in the world currently. Don't miss this show!

Evol Intent - Era Of Diversion Tour

Direct from the USA bringing heavy DnB madness

  • Sat 25 Jul - Zen - Auckland

Happy a spring rave feat Optimus Gryme

18 bass heavy drum n bass & dubstep acts in the Wairoa Valley Nelson

HAPPY feat The Upbeats

a mid winter phat reunion

HAPPY New Year feat Black Sun Empire

2 nights Wairoa Valley Nelson 31 Dec-2 Jan

HAPPY Nu Yeah feat ICICLE (UK)

phat 24 hour outdoor celebration of new year close to Nelson featuring a wicked lineup of national & international drum n bass, dubstep & bass heavy deep electronica

Happy Nu Yeah feat Klute & Distance UK

24 hour outdoor celebration of extreme bass in the beautiful Maitai Valley Nelson

HAPPY the great easter bunny hunt feat TRUTH & OPTIMUS GRYME

24 hour outdoor dream lineup while you hunt easter eggs & play with the bunnies

Luminate Festival 2009

Earth friendly festival of music, dance, art, creativity and sustainability; Canaan Downs, Takaka Hill, Nelson, NZ


drum & bass / dubstep

  • Sat 15 May - FLOW - Hamilton


Bass Heavy Riddims - Organikismness returns to the tron!

  • Sat 26 Mar - Flow - Hamilton

Outlook Festival 2013 - Auckland Launch Party

Auckland's Outlook Festival Launch Party is back for another round in 2013. Bringing you a wide spectrum night of Bass music to give a taste of the music and culture that Croatia's Outlook Festival has a worldwide reputation for setting alight.

Outlook Launch Party 2012 - Auckland @ Studio

Bringing you a taste of the annual festivities of Croatia’s Outlook Festival in one jam-packed night of Bass Music Immersion.

  • Sat 3 Mar - Studio - Auckland

Phat Moon

Smash it up this Easter with some of the most legendary and cutting edge acts of 09

Phat Moon 08

Black Sun Empire return for Dave & Selenas wedding!

Phat Taster Auckland

BLACK SUN EMPIRE Support from: State of Mind, Truth, Organikismness, Bulletproof, Cern, Optimus Gryme, Jason Howson, Jess Hartley & Emma G

  • Fri 7 Aug - Fu Bar - Auckland

Phat10 Taster Tour

Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, Truth, Organikismness & more......

  • Fri 7 Aug - Zen - Auckland

Phat10 Taster Tour

Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, Truth, Organikismness & more......

Phat10 Taster Tour

Black Sun Empire, Tiki Live Band, State of Mind, Truth, Organikismness & more

Phat10 Taster Tour

Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, Truth, Organikismness & more

Phat10 Taster Tour

Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, Truth, Organikismness & more

Rockwell (UK)

Only NZ Show

  • Fri 1 Jul - Fu Bar - Auckland


outdoor multi genre mash up!

Voyage Outdoor Electronic Music Festival

We want you to help us create a dance floor with the greatest vibe imaginable! Where once you arrive you can’t stop moving and you’ll never want to leave.