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Why we love Ben

In the spirit of being a nice blokey (and to make a change from Geoff and Olivia's booby debate)... let's talk about why we like Ben Stevens aka Stretchy Bungholio aka Ben Flipside... 'cos Ben is fucking off overseas very very in next week, and he has always been guilty of hiding his light under a bushel... ...for those not familiar with Dickensian allegories...he's a crap self-publicist. I've known Ben since he was about 15 i guess and he's always been taller than me. good start. Jas

I like Ben because he's the friendliest record boy in the country - and he knew the answer to a trainspotter query that had been bugging me for ages :)

And he accepts cheques!! (why does that sound like a Sexport Gold ad?)

First time I remember seeing Ben was at a party up at La Luna. There was an Argon in full effect and everybody was like, waving there arms about in the lasers path. Ben just walked on to dancefloor and stuck his head right into the tunnel of the laser and I thought "lucky bastard".

I like Ben because he was one of the few local DJ's to really rock my socks - he was better than Juan Atkins and he kicked Alex Pattersons ass too - and he always gave me good music advice.

Tis a sad sad day for Flippers...... shouts out to Benny Boy.

I like Ben cos he knows when the Flippers boys are taking the piss (and I don't)... Lewis likes Ben because he can point out a good dancing spaces on a busy floor... Dave likes Ben cos he's gotta nice belly button (not like the anus in "Remix") Its this tooo late ?

i like benny cus he SO FUCKIN EASY TO WIND UP , & cus we always seem to disagree on who rocks the papa...arty - he thought pullen sucked, i thought mr may sucked, he thinks smiley sucks, i think presha rocks..

Haz anyone got big enough balls to do Mr Craig (live) in Wellie ? someone must wanna do him... (Palmer ? maybe you throw him into your next shindiggle)

Ben and Zen

Zen and Ben the Flipside men: Five foot nine or six foot ten? Behind the till, behind the decks, Ladies go: mmm, cool, yum, sex.

Flipping discs and spinning slates, Lotsa gems filed in their crates, Good discounts for all their mates, You've guessed their heights now guess their weights.

Ben and Zen the Flipside men: They'll reel you off their dope top ten, Then in the club, play them again, For kids who have the dancing yen.

Gentle, mental Ben and Zen, Mixing Barbie up with Ken, All things to women - and to men, Testosterone meets estrogen.

Uh-oh, that one made them blush, So get them drunk, they're cheap, not lush, Or maybe snort a little rush, They'll let you pat them on the tush.

But now Ben must go away: For a little holiday, Like Miker G and DJ Sven, But soon he must return again.

Cos Welli techno needs his skills, With Cyrus you don't need the pills, His beats and textures and drum fills, when mixed cure all but fatal ills.

So, soon it will be Zen alone, to hear the Jon and Andee moan. Like a cock without a hen, He'll miss his lovely Flipside Ben!

So take the chance, kids, while ye may, Why not now? on Daffodil Day? Go in, give thanks and shout: hooray, Do it now, right here: today!

A great duo who mix and blend and serve with knowledge to the end We may not see their likes again Zen and Ben the Flipside men.

OK, time to do some work. MC 'Cos he's a humble hamster. Also 'cos even though I live with two other weirdoDJtypes, he still manages to pull me out tunes that the flatties don't have (or maybe didn't pick up?). Anyway, there always good. The only silver lining in his absence will be a healthier bank balance for me ;-) Don't return a whinging Pom either.

I like Ben because he has never made me feel like a girly dork when I don't know about labels, and things like that... Actually only people like him and Andy Pickering have given me inspiration to do that beatmix... so cheers, working on a second...

Annnd... hes like a landmark on the dancefloor...

Actually I don't know what my record collection would look like with out Ben, he's my guru, as I'm sure he is to many others... maybe we should form a post Ben record buying support group?

Annnd... hes like a landmark on the dancefloor... fuck yeah.. the number of sweaty hugs i've given his torso in the last few years doesn't bear thinking...eeewww...