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Loontoonz techno rundown 10/98


Ok, plenty mental gems this month, beginning with the more minimal workouts with that slight alt.techno edge.

First 2 are from an Amarican lable called Parotic, Chancellor(Chance McDermot) Filter Formation(Parotic/PAR-3B) and Johannes Heil Amerika(Parotic/PAR-4B)

With Chance McDermot's release you get a lot more for yr dollar(4 trks beats 3) and maybe a bit more full on and twisted in design, although both are quite good releases.

2 Americans next, Frankie Bones with a new LP called High IQ(Hyperspace/HST001), a first for new lable Hyperspace- dark, minimal, ultrapercussive album worth checking out.

Next DJ Rush Lesson 1(Force Inc)-more crazy, jakin' drum workouts from the man of the moment and Mr. Prolific himself! Fun, trky, bang! bang! Nick Spice wins in the very hard and relentless stakes in this section with Icepack10" Kebab/Schwama(Solid Recordings 8.5)

And groovy artists uniting winners are DJ Shufflemaster/Cari Lekebusch Extended Playtime(Subvoice016)-Japan meets Sweden in heady hard drum-off, quite tricky in places, Lekebusch production qualitys throughout. And now for the artists with a few more tricks per trk section, all unique and recommended!!

First up is Cygnet Committee with new LP Riomantic(Dancecop013)- very nutty, floor-werkable, tech spazouts from Danish fellow on Coppenhagen based lable Dancecop.

Next up a wicked release from those lovely people at Subhead on Cloned Vinyl(Clone003)-4 large, grubby trks for cool newish lable. Also, just released on Cloned Vinyl, Justin Berkovi Fast Wide EP(CLONE005) -slammin',hard,mental Techno with great abstract soundz. And just out on groovy Scotish lable Scandinavia, now based in Brooklyn, NY is Freon CFC EP(Scandinavia/SCAN011)-experimental D'n'B and tripy hard Techno, check it out!

Also out, Neil Landstrumm 12" with same title as his new LP, Proaudio EP(Scandinavia/SCAN012)-gnarly, bassy you know the rest-FUCKING WICKED!! BUY IT!!!

2 nuts team up to make number 104 for Tresor and the crazed ones are none other than Dave Tarrida/Tobias Schmidt The Test EP(Tresor)-mad, mad and mad!!

CD release for this column goes to Outmost (Psi + Loontoonz) (S/T)Obscure004(CD-R) contains four trick programmed, driving, lush Techtoonz, one rmx + a Renegade Hardware styled D'n'B trk : Freq(rwk)/Polarity We're Here(rmx by Outmost from Grind CD Number8Wire)/Drop/Whadif/Tekabilly/Norty 1- available thru /

((( obscuresoundsystem top 5 )))

Outmost S/T(CD-R/Obscure004) Trash2 Where The Fuck Is Mr. Million?(CD-R/No Future) Subhead Subhead 14(Subhead) Jay Denham People's Revolution(Black Nation) Neil Landstrumm M Capp EP(Peacefrog)