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Techno Column 8/98
By Loon Toonz

The Obscure Sound System vinyl selection for August goes something like this. . .

Chris Sattinger's "Timeblind" EP (Missile 30), 2xlinear/bassline heavy, hypno-grooves plus one more trk that's worth the price alone, "Hippy Apocalypse", a Triphop styled trk that eventually turns into an EFX-gymnastics routine!

On the 'Missile' label release front, check out #34, this 2 trk EP by Daz Saund and Ben Tisdall will have yr head nodding along and the dancefloor, likewise pogoing out o control! Both trks have an incessant, driving quality and excellent cut-up vocals.

Whilst still on the cut-up vocals tip, 2 EPs come to mind. Scandinavia 009 by Dr. Nowhere Vs. The Maverick DJ and Rude 66 "B-Day" EP on Djax-Up-Beats, 2 stonking, mad fun records! Both EPs will please DJs that like the humorous twist emerging in Techno of late.

2 more EPs on a very similar path are Jamie Lidell's "Safety In Numbers" EP(Sativae 013) and Subvoice Vs. Subhead (Subvoice 015). Both labels releases are always worth checking out, if not straight out ordering and purchasing!!

Jamie Lidell's EP is 4 trks of monsterous groove chaos. The Subvoice release is very nearly bonkers, but I guess we'll have to put up with only 3/4 o this 4 trker being fucking wicked!

Speaking of Jamie Lidell (who?), you'll hear a lot more from this guy in the near future. Already with trks released on No Future's, 'Trash' collective LP "Industrialsamplecoregouchbeat". And his earlier , cleverly programmed EP "Freakin' The Frame"(Mosquito 008). He's now teamed up and sharing a studio space with Cristian Vogel (See www. J. Lidell has been co-engineering Vogel's soon to be released sixth LP "Super Collider". I've heard about 5 trks from this LP. A bit different from his usual stuff, still phat as fuck and a lot twisted! Lidell's input is noticeably refreshing and hyper-detailed.

New release from 'No Futures' 'Mosquito' lable is Ibrahim Alfa's "Processer" EP (Mosquito 011), 4 trks that tick, squeek and pop in all the right places, buy it!

Things to come, recent releses (I just haven't bought them yet!), Youngman (Scandinavia 010), DJ Rush "Marathon Man" (Djax-Up-Beats), Noodles (V/A Si Begg, Neil Landstrumm etc...) "Part One:The Death Of Cool" (Noodles, dbl pk). And last but not least most demented release for this column goes to 'Techno Animal' for his LP "Techno Animal Vs. Reality" on German lable 'City Slang' (CD only unfortunately). This LP features artists like 'Porter Ricks', 'Ui', 'Spectre', 'Tortoise'and 'Alec Empire' remixing 'Techno Animal' trks that surely must have been very scarey, "Screech, Breakbeat 'n' bass" type trks in the first place, definately not for the faint hearted!