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Techno Column 7/98

Surfing in the waves of broken beat and sass going thru a portion of techno of late, the bangin tribal tracks are puring in, adding trickier programming, bigger sounds and downright exhilirating dancefloor echietement, vering away from the yawn inducing linearity that has become techno over the past year or so...

Subhead are first up... Subhead 13, and oldie but goodie 2CB (Subhead 3) all very fucking crazy sound workouts with raucous drums, bleeps and basses flying all over... Check Ben and Dave's Missile 34... Relative newcomers Template records have thrown in a couple of good 12's - Jack Mackeral and Bondage - pretty linear but nice fillers... Even more linear but like a 23 story building chasing you down the street Oliver Ho has carved himself out a nice little niche in the absolutely churngin front with lots of new sounds and almost no references to the spottables of stock techno... but with only a little digging you can find a lot of similar stuff (so choose carefully and listen for the twist)... check the Obscurum label (its been around for a while) and the sickly magenta colored Meatball by Block for big rig wrecking construction site sounds. If you like a bit of a groovy sub in your construction site, you can't miss the unmissable 'Bedrooms and Cities' by Neil Landstrumm.

Cari Lebekush has been a busy lad lately with a pseudonomic, fruity kind of release as Puente Latine on Primevil. Check up those Primevils to see if they're your bowl of latte... all very nice and lush sounding. On Hybrid 'Reverted/Aterkonnem' is a dubby styalistic bridge to the bangier release 'DJ til Forsaljning' - much wilder stuff that we usually know Cari for. Out of the house and into the tin shed out the back. Also hanging out in the shed is one of the few Detroit guys that can write cool tracks, Claude Young, with his Pattern buffer ('The darker places...' on Djax) release. Although his album Soft Thru is pretty average, when he gets down to the business, Claude produces uniquely wicked, hard assed fuck tracks with a real chicagan feel... and from Chicago DJ Rush puts the jak bak in tek with his zany 'The Breaks EP'. Claude also puts a (boring) remix in on the first Theory release, Retrovert. The remainder of the tracks on that disk are weirdly funky shuffley numbers.

Moving in the the scarier regions, the drilling Trash (Industrial samplecore grouchbeat, on Mille Plateau) album and the Panacea (Twised Designz) which is due in real soon now are both essenital for your home stereo when you want to annoy your parents, along with the Electric Ladyland 5 comp... Still a huge scary distorto choon but back to four on the floor (kind of) is Cristian Vogel's 'The Visit' EP.. It's pretty nasty but manages to have a buzzssaw hook that cuts in halfway through... Vogel and partner in crime Liddel (check his 'Safety in Numbers' EP on Sativae') are working on Cris' new 'Supercollider' album which will be hitting the shelves soon... check for that then it comes in via No Future thru the Loaded label. In the meantime Cris' Syncopate to Generate (Mosquito) brings the ultimate in fun but serious cartoonery to the floor... and Jamie Liddel's freaking the frame 12" solo (also Mosquito) is a slab of bleep and bass heaven loaded with mutant tracks and tricky nooks an crannies. These producers two will give you an idea where the most exciting techno is headed.... Wakey Wakey.

On the local tip big ups to Kog Transmission for having their shit together and putting out lots of fine releases... to Grind for their soon to be presesed compilation... On the shameless self promotion front, LRS is releasing the exceedingly mellow 'Tape' EP via the Obscure website ( around the middle of the month... download the MP3's and burn your own copy to CD... Shouts to Freq for putting in the miles and getting around the country (and to Murray for making sure everything worked) His track on the Grind CD is absolutely rocking techtrance and forthcoming Nyquist tracks should almost fit the scary area of the drum and bass section...

The Obscure sound system top 5 in no order

  • Jamie Liddell - freakin' the frame (Mosquito)
  • Subhead - #13
  • John B - USA (1st judgement)
  • Cristian Vogel - Syncopate to Generate (Mosquito)
  • Trash - Industrial Samplecore Grouchbeat (Mille Plateaux)