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Wellington Styles August '98

So anyway, it wuz one of those week/ends where you stay up late or all night and don't go to dance parties coz there aren't any on, and with only 3/4 of the new Wellington Styles printed Friday (BIGGEST YET! LOTSA NEW STYLII MODELS!) Mikee and Marky ended up zipping up and dashing to Wanganui Sunday night to do the final press pass, and because of fuckery in the pre-press dept ended up having to stay at The Grand Hotel which is nothing like the one down here.

It is however, on the same road as one of the only two massage parlour/escort agencies in town. Handy.

And it was hosting the tenth anniversary visit of the sister city relationship between Wangas and Nagaizumicho, which for all i know is the Wanganui of Japan (which means it has a river, and Solid Gold radio and good coffee bars close too early and open too late).

This SisCity thang explained the little card with a sample of WOOL in the hotel room, plus the gifts of HONEY (no, not one of the only etc) and the fact that the hotel instruction manual was entirely in Japanese.

Anyway, got the mag printed, and though there is fuckall techno/house/drumnbass and all that other yooforiented stuff that the kidzoftoday lurv, there is lots of FASHION and BEAUTY and CLOTHING stuff, along with the TOBACCO EXPOSE that promoters don't really want to see, sorry, and lots of BOOZE. And NICE PICTURES.

(Speaking of which, our ad in the City Voice "kewl pix for the mag we pay $$" brought not ONE response chiz curses, so if any of y'all have dodgy pix of microcelebs or just about anything kuchural and social gimme yell).

So. Wellington Styles. On the streets tomorrow (Wellington), or later in the week (Christchurch). As for Auckland... well, send us an A4 SAE and we'll think about it.

Nice spreads. More content. Exponential growth to Xmas. Story.

Actually, it WAS good to get outta town. And Wanganui does have many attractions (Bushy Park, dino park, the river, Tearaway........... cmon, help me out here) and the 2 hour drive (okay, 2.5 but we was rolling laid back, mind on the money etc) is enjoyable. Set yr mind free.

Best High Concept (for public consumption anyroad): COP TOWN, an allaction found footage extrav, a Police Stop meets Top Town blend, with rogues vs rozzers in a game oriented show that's fun for the whole Family. See police dog Luke bite Robber Bob's nuts! See the Marton family burglarize a whole string of old ladies homes! See Police Team Donkey round up all those kidz on RTDs! And now there's an egg race! With Bob Parker!

Get tired of all that, and there's the road signage:

"Abortion is so final". Yeah? Right?? Isn't that the whole POINT????

The "World's Largest Dealer" is in Otaki.

"0800 VETROB" is that the guy who can get you PCP? ketamine?

And of course there is much that is "Adore-a-Bull" in BULLS. Though none of the pictorial signs seem to display the pendulous appendages that one might expect.

Winner by a country mile however is "ROAD BORING".

I reckon.


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