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Genetic Future
We live in an antibiotic world of clean surfaces and sterilised concepts.

In New Zealand today we are on the brink of a lasting future. We can drink our water from a bottle. We can buy all our fruit and vegetables looking picture perfect. We can be immunised from all common diseases. We can be prescribed drugs that keep us happy and functional. We can speak freely the thoughts of our minds.

This is the benefit of civilisation, the development of human intellect and understanding, the growth of mankind over the last thousand years. We no longer have to worry about dirt and germs. Medical science has solved all the standard problems of our lives. Food and water is available to everyone in this country.

As the young generation, the technological children we accept these realities. We were born into a package enviroment. We support and work in a modern society, which is developing systems to deal with each problem. There is a process for every step in life. There is a booklet to read and a phone number to call. There is even a counter with a person behind it to answer our more personal needs.

We accept these things as requirements for a modern civilisation. We are aware and understand the variety of human nature. We accept the right for individual opinion.

We live with open minds in an open society. We are aware of the corruption in our systems. We are conscious of the impending environmental problems of the planet. We know the problems and face them with a calm maturity. We have faith in our laws and science.

We embrace technology and its future. Are lives are dressed in the influence of technology. Our music, clothing, diets and lifestyles portray a synergy with the perfection of the machine. We are proud of the times we live in. We look forward to the opportunities that await us.

We have learned from the mistakes of our parents. We have suffered the immaturity of their emotional lives. In our world of open therapy and compassion for emotional truth we endeavour to not repeat these mistakes in our children.

The future is our as we do not fear it.

We trust the governments of the world. We believe the powers that be have an invested interest in the human race. We believe science is searching for ways to make things better. We live in a free market economy creating competition and growth that strengthens the nations.

All these things we accept as essential to our society and culture. We appreciate the task of making things better and endure the corporate lifestyle of today as the future we can look for tomorrow.

We eagerly anticipate the inclusion of genetic engineering in our food and culture. We look forward to the day when all life is controlled by the mastery of our hand. We strive toward a technological future where every task is streamlined by programs and systems. We encourage the use of chemicals to contain our moods and feelings. We press forward in science to discover the secrets of life.

Our future is one we shall engineer and control ourselves. We shall cull all the impurities that nature has left us to create the better world.

Misda Nil