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Saturday 6 May 1998

After having spent the majority of Friday night and Saturday day slaving in front of my VDU (the end of term cometh), i felt a violent urge to get out of the' burbs and release some physical and social energy

strode into town with DJ Bailey and MC GQ roaring through my headphones ensuring that there was no slacking off. first stop was Anya's 21st down on Blair St in what i would consider Welli's techno hq. nicely set up space with lots of hanging white fabric, moving lights and a couple of disco balls. music was definitely on the techno tip with Dr Cund laying down some pretty slamming beats.

despite the offer of bubbles in a glass, i opted for the sobriety option - previous expeditions into Welli's night life have left me quite willing to opt for a more placid option if Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are to be made pleasantly bearable.

the crowd was happily mingling when i left, but from later reports the crowd eventually let off some kinetic energy.

from there for me it was off to the High Rollers to catch some broken beats. again it was a case of a nicely set up space. nice use of greenery although i dare say the Otari Plant Museum will be somewhat the worse off for it. also liked the way that the camo nets were used, all too often they are put up with little regard for the overall effect but it was not an issue this time with an array of lights beaming through and providing some nice atmos.

Zef was on when i arrived laying down some jump up which is not quite my cup of char at the mo', with James coming on soon after. some really nice moments with his mix of tech and 'progressive' style dnb being a bit more my flavour.

after James came Sean and he proceeded to slay the dance floor with some big tech style choons, something of a contrast to James set which had more rises and falls. much enjoyed.

unfortunately it was during Seans set that i realised that i'd managed to make it into town without my bank card raising serious questions as to how i'd get home. eventually stumbled up to Nicola's place in a rather weary state (many steps to climb) after fruitless attempts to find a friend with a bank card.

the crowd at High Rollers was pretty thin on the ground and definitely at the younger end. at the mo' there seems a definite division imho in Welli between the house (and to a lesser degree techno) parties which are pulling an older (sizeable) crowd and the dnb gigs which pull a younger audience. question i seem to be asking myself is, is this because the majority of dnb are all ages (with the 'mature crowd' scared by the fact that they'll be surrounded by 'kids' and/or be unable to obtain their beloved alcohol) or is it because they cannot get their head around anything but four to the floor. be interested to hear others opinions. i know in both Chch and Ak there is a sizeable 'mature crowd' which love their dnb but it just doesn't seem quite as evident in Welli among the big kids. be interesting to see how Kemi and Storm shapes up and whethrer the older crowd will come out of the woodwork for a big gig.