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Point Blank

Its been a long time since drum n bass has been outside of the club environment up in Auckland... (not sure about the rest of the country....)

..point blank put on by Pots + Nick D in Auckland, the first in the series (hopefully) of *warehouse* style gigs with asthetics and environment enhancements-a-plenty....Dj lineup this time round included Aucklands Aaron, Riddle, Pots, Presha , 48sonic + ??? (Cant remember the new guys name for the life of me - resident normanby road chap. sorry mate.).... with christchurch's Mc Green on the mic...

The warehouse in question was a pad/living environment occupied by a group of trancey chaps whose alley runs down the psychedalic fire tip.... But this time round the environment was strictly jungle.. Copious ammounts of folliage everywhere along with a dark steamy atmos + airforce style camo hanging from the ceiling.. polyeurethane plastered walls with any roof support poles nicely paded to avoid possible injury..

Anyway, the gig was champion.. with a little chill out room consisting of about 6 couches in a black light lit room and a chap making cafe' style coffee.... (no alcohol on the premisis) .

The dj's were all on point with everything from the classy nice-n-e.z. to the roaring german funk shit out to the afro funk tip... MC Green i thought needed to loosen up a bit but warmed up as the night progressed..

interesting to see our local emcee's doin the do... The crowd in attendance were a weird bunch .... there were the regular headz as well as the young who never really have the chance to experience breaks in the clubs.... come 2-3am they got the jist of it with rewinds complementing mad hollers and a fairly hyped up crowd.

the djs were behind a big wall with only a 1 foot x 3 foot window to look out of. It was fairly sound proof too.. hence no real method of detecting any kind of vibe except peering out the window at the faces... sound system was a little taxed but filled the joint nicely..

all n all a wicked night. nice to be out of the clubs for a spell but theres an element / fine-line you find in the clubs that you dont find in the outdoors. good or bad i sorta prefer the club environment but this was a welcome change and a much cosier environment....

Looking forward to the next event in their series, hopefully with new additions to the Dj lineup...

big ups to pots + nick for a _wicked_ night......