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Party on Mt Vic

Mooched up the hill on Saturday night to the soccer field behind Stinky College (Scotts?? I dunno - whatever) for 'Cloud 5', Mezzo Forte's second Mt Vic party... got there 10ish, and the 15k p.a. was still being wired up...

However, quite a nice set-up:

A monster tarp to keep away the rain, the genny parked well out of hearing distance, dj's set up in a dinky tent, a couple of robo-scan-lit disco balls, and the obligatory flouro action going on, this after all, being an outdoor trance party. : )

By the time the system kicked in, there were quite a few people milling about, mostly er... rather youthful... as one might expect, I guess.

Anyhow... some 15 minutes later, the (somewhat pissed, in both senses of the word) caretaker rolls up in her 4WD, her general line of conversation being "Fuck Off, the lot of you's, NOW!"...

So the entiiiire set-up was shifted up the road a ways, which involved carrying everything a few hundred meters to the vans, in the dark, and placing the soccer goal posts from whence they came (they were used to string up the tarp) and that kind of General Lugging Of Heavy Shit In The Rain type thing that just is not how one plans to spend ones Saturday night...

It all went very smoothly tho, and the shift probs took about an hour all up... The new site being even nicer, imho, with brill views of the city.. and by this point there were probably about 100 people or so woo-hooing to Robotniks 'Not Too Cak At All' (given my breakbeatcentric outlook) Nu-NRG (???) trancey thumpers.

Quamay played next, a bit more on the 'anthemy' tip (yet more woohoo's), and I buggered off a bit later. But it was pretty much 'going off', when I left about 3ish. It ran thru to 7, apparently... and cost were covered.


Buggered if I know how, cos there weren't no 'door', and it seemed to be working on a "$5 if you feel like it" kind of buzz...

On another note, I dunno if this has been posted here, but Quamays decks were stolen from the Hullaballoo party last weekend.... so if anyone hears of a pair of reasonably battered 1200's floating around, get in touch. They were of great sentimental value to him. "My deh-eh-eh-eh-ecks..." he sobbed to me...

: (

Well okay he didn't really sob, he just kind of said "my decks, man, my decks...", and shook his head sadly.