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The Nomad on Tour, Wellington, Thursday 16/4/98, La Luna

For those of you who didn't roll on down to Movement last night you missed out on a good night, imho. my most pleasurable jump around in Welli in quite some time with some unadulterated drun and bass (no mixing it with any house or reggae at this gig). love that head rush i get when listening to some nice rolling choons.

there was enough done ot the space in terms of a few lights to make it feel a little bit different, but it was by no means turned on its head (couple of strobes, blue light and a couple of spots pointed at a mirror ball).

a fair crowd 'reprezented' so to speak, with the place going off till about 2 -2:30 when the crowd began to thin a little.

Paul was first up and played some nice spacious breaks, moving into something more punchier as the night went on. soon had the kids moving and primed for when Nyquist/Aaron came on.

liked the first half of Nyquist's set better than the second, with a seemingly filled out sound (my critical faculties were not totally present so forgive vagaries and inaccuracies). Nomad/Damon played a strong set, adding a few extra flourishes with some turntable style scratching although my guess is the gig was not totally 'interactive' in terms of being live. crowd loved it when the track that's getting high rotate on Active came on. after that it was back to the turntables with Sean on the decks. the guy knows how to pull out the minimal rolling tech and i bumped around happily with a grin on my face. Mr Steel was the last turntabilist i saw (Damon was supposed to return later on the turntables but i didn't catch him). hadn't heard of Mr Steel before and was suitably impressed. from what i remember, his set was sharper tech than Sean's with a less rolling flava.

proved a great opportunity to listen to some of the 'big' choons (Check it out, Mankind, Funktion, The Medicine, Spring Box Remix, 4 Da Cause etc) that i've only really been tasting by streaming from various sites through tinny speakers (no bass and no clarity). La Luna's PA is a monster for a house system and i know i was grateful for my earplugs. took them out at the end of the night to hear how loud it really was and it was aural slaughter - good if you didn't have to deal with hearing damage (it would've been kind of be nice to be able to enjoy a gig without having to wear ear plugs). those Chch kids just don't know what is good for them (or me).

Welli is a small town and people are frequently afraid to say what they think for fear of stepping on someone's precious ego. what you get is everyone big upping the last thing they went too with no constructive criticism (and ultimately no improvement in what's going down in this town we call home). have a wonderful weekend

other than that a plug for Beta Lounge if your into hearing some world class and varied streamed sounds: check it out.