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Ali gives a quick nz dance mailing list history

At 10:43 AM +0000 5/11/98, gideon wrote:

>your all newbies... even Olivia... the forefather of the list >phenomenom... though not a list in the strict sense... was @mos... >created by the unseen hand of re:act and wreckage... a Mr Thomas >Scovell... with help from matt m... unfortunately atmos died from extreme >bloodloss... a nasty gash in its wallet... and then came psurkit... >which, like wreckage, imploded under the weight of bitching and back >biting... and now we have re:act... enjoy it while its here!... it won't >last forever...

was @mos before psurkit??? I just remember psi getting me to join psurkit waaaaaay back in '96 (or was it '95???) when there were only about 10 people on it. That was a cool list - a real nice feel to it - I think it became quite an important part of people's lives actually (oh god what a sad-arse...) - specially when ?Lily - was it you? - suggested we all introduce ourselves - which we did and became one big happy family.

After a year or two we got a few people coming through who didn't lurk long enough first to get the feel of the thing, and the atmosphere changed quite a lot (for the worse - more insult-throwing rather than reasoned argument), but I don't think it really imploded under the weight of anything bad - I think Psi just got bored with it and decided to kill it off. And then he decided to create psecret initially so promoters could talk about promoting and try not to overlap with each other's gigs - and now it's sorta a place where people get into deep and meaningful discussions about all kinds of things - when they're not too busy on Re:Act, that is.....

I never experienced the joys of wreckage - what I saw of it sounded too too bitchy for wordz - but it's good fun lurking on React...and Psecret..