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Cognition Chart 14 July 98
compiled 14 July 98 by Andrew Duke

1. Perception--"Mirage (Beat Vocal mix)" from Underground Resistance--"Crime Report" EP (US UR) --three track teaser for the upcoming "Interstellar Fugitives" 12 track 3 X LP/15 track CD; features engaging electro from UR and new recruits Chaos and Perception

2. I-F--"Los Muchachos Guesos (Good Times remix)" from Hell--"Suicide Commando" 12" (DM Disko B test) --first single from DJ Hell's forthcoming "Munich Machine" album; No More is covered by Helmut Geier, translated by Heinrich Mueller, and redone by Inter-Ferenc and DJ Overdose)

3. Ectomorph--"GAlatex" from Various--"Futuristic Experiments Chapter One" EP (DM Background) --new German label debuts with an EP bursting with talent: DJ Hyperactive, Terrence Dixon, Todd Sines, and Ectomorph

4. Festival--"Mothership Chicago" from "Resurrection" 2 X LP (DM Disko B test) --yep, it's supposed to sound like a CD skipping! Heinrich Tillack hits with a highly recommended full length

5. Electric Soul--"X2" (read as X squared) from Various--"Techno Bass: The Mission" CD (US Direct Beat) --Mike Banks in full on techno bass mode; choice vocal

6. Funk D'Void--"Lucky Strike (Funk's 98 mix)" from "Lucky Strike" 12" (UK Soma) --Envoy and Lars Sandberg rework a track from the "Technoir" LP

7. LRS--"Tape 3" from Tape EP (NZ Obscure CDR) --Wellington City's Simon Swain back with the followup to his Syntax album from late '97

8. Youngman--"Ovalduction" from "Zooted" 12" (UK Scandinavia) --Dan Youngman makin' music with his mouth

9. Aril Brikha--A (title unknown) from "Art Of Vengence" EP (US Fragile test) --quality 3-tracker on Transmat

10. Solenoid--"Ocean Floor Crawler" from Various--Outward Music Company compilation 2 X EP (US OMCO) --new label from Portland set to showcase electronic innovation from across America

11. A. Beyer--A1 from A.Beyer--DC15 (SE Drum Code)/C. Lekebusch--HP1205 (SE Hybrid) split EP --Adam and Cari take a side each

12. Gaetek--B3 from "Last Three Mounts" EP (IT Conform) --the man from Milan in Millsian mode

13. Dave Angel--"Richard Sent You" from "Insights" 12" (UK Rotation) --funk-fueled twopiece from Angel's label

14. Terry Mitchell--"Tokyo Fist" from "Body Hammer" EP (UK Dark House Music) --a choice variety of tracks here; second release from a label set to unleash more Claude Young and Mark Broom material

15. R. Gorl--"Triple Dripping" from "Sexdrops" 2 X LP (DM Disko B) --Robert (ex of DAF) and Regis (Downwards' Karl O'Connor with some sexy loopage

16. Mr. James Barth & A.D.--"A Sea Apart" from "Knockin' Boots Vol 2 of

2" EP (SE Svek) --Barth is actually Lekebusch, this time with Alexi Delano; deep grooves

17. Johannes Heil--"Paranoid Dancer" from "Reality To Midi" 2 X LP (DM Kanzleramt) --Heil investigates a number of avenues on this incredible album

18. Kev's E'nut--"The Weekend (Engage remix)" from "The Weekend" 12" (UK Turtle Trax) --first release from the British Turtle Trax imprint

19. Joel Mull--B1 from "Infected" EP (SE Inside) --another Swede cranking out terrific techno with increasing regularity

20. Susumu Yokota--"Tears Of The Angel" from "Blood Of The Angel" EP (JP Sublime) --helped along with an Ian Pooley remix and still doing the bizness for Yokota

Published on the Cognition Audioworks and Streetsound websites, the Cognition Audioworks Techno/Electro Audio Chart is designed so that people can not only see a regular online techno/electro chart, but also read about the records charted, link to the labels charted, and hear one track in RealAudio from each of the releases charted. Feedback has been super positive and plans are now underway to start doing this Chart every two weeks, instead of once a month. [This chart continues to be sent to mags worldwide as usual. The monthly Techno/Electro Report--published online on the Cognition site and online and in print on the Streetsound site and excerpted in magazines such as Magic Feet (UK) and Klublife (Toronto)--will still include a chart as well.]

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