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Yo, guy... Yoji Biomechanika was in town...

Saturday 11/4/98

Laying low, laying tracks over Easter. Didn't get energised to check out the bass heavy roots possee on Thurday. Maybe sleep more appealing than staying up till 4 in the morning. Managed to do just that on Saturday though...

With resplendant red hair, larger than life trainers and a healthy dose of prime cheddar Yoji Biomechanika was in town... brought thru by Slipmatt and Ben from Constant Force recs in Christchurch, finally the kids would have some bouncy trance at peak time rather than house that was about 50 bpm to slow for them in the oh so secret location of Wakefield Markets...

Mr Quinn (well, Jeff really) have had their sound sounding pretty nice of late (oh, cool lights by the S-man too!), and this weekend shows that they have a good handle on giving the goods every time, even though I wanted to keep going and turning it up... Had a little boogie to a few mixes via Andy B while waiting for our hero, but I do get sick of hearing tracks from four years ago... c'mon guys, do some research... there are more sounds than rrrnananan anana nanan available...

Ah to hell with it the kids wanted cheese, and cheese they got it. I'm not in a serious mood, so I may as well dig it... (maaaan...)

On comes Yoji, straight in to the mix (and quick too! Mills look out!), no fanfare, up go the bpms by 10, 20, 30 and in come the acidicisms and snare rolls... supposedly he calls it min-r-g because it's like minimal techno with (nu) energy, nice idea, when do the media grab this one?. Dropped in to a few minimal bits here and there, just not enough to scare the kids before slamming in some more snare rolls, and pumping his fist in the air, yeah, rock on dude!

He's cool (I'm not being sarcastic, finally a dj with some energy and pizzazz)... minimal techno could learn a lot from this stuff, even though they'd be the first to snob it, becuase even though it's outright crowd pleasing chez, it had energy (funny that) and fun, not so much over the top anal seriousness.. it's meant to be a dance _party_ yah?

Now, if they'd just make up some new sounds... and I really wanted to hear some breaks (and more bass) in there... at that speed they'd fit.

Later on, down at some pallies place in Blair St, Mr. Polarity and Dr. Cund cut up the mix, the C man definately throwing in some maaaad tracks... not he should be playing at a happy hardcore rave, then they'd never know what hit them... these two have a solid view on what's next, so look out... (and no rnnnanna nananna either... )

Mezzo Forte presents Aura

Wellington, Saturday 11 April

An uplifting night of cutting-edge energy music.

Featuring: Yoji Biomehanika and Obi-Wan (Tokyo), Kinesis (ChCh), Andy B, and a special guest.

Yoji is a big name on the Japenese trance psurkit. I don't have a copy of his bio on me, but from memory, under his belt he has:

  • ten or so releases for various imprints.
  • at least a dozen remixes for a whole lot of labels.
  • residencies in numerous clubs, including the Liquid Room.
  • his own 'Nu-NRG Party' mix cd.
  • credit for helping to engineer the sounds on the new Roland box, the MC505.
  • played alongside lotsa well known international acts, e.g. Hardfloor, et cetera.

So, basically, this guy is gonna smoke!

He is being brought to the country by Obi-Wan (ex-Slipmat), the legendary father-figure of the flourishing Christchurch rave scene. Obi-Wan is well known for his penchant for all things 'hardcore', his set should be something of an event in itself!

Local support from Andy B and Kinesis will compliment the nights aural treatery with all manner of noodly, wobbly, cerebellum-massaging sonic lovelyness! or something :)

Tickets available exclusively from Flipside records. 12 pre, 15 before midnight, 18 thereafter. The venue will be announced via Flipside on Monday, April 6.

Questions? call the Official Andy B Info Line 025 845479