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Auckland 190698

i went up to Ak for a weekend and had the best time out since i'd last got out of Welli (i do love the city - just love being surrounded by different people and different sounds).

hitched up to Ak on Thursday with no agenda (didn't make it to Massive Attack unlike a large contingent of Welli kids), but managed to make it top Herzog for the Breaks. love Herzog, very urban with its mix of decay and design, and with a sound system that is strong enough to pound and pummel you without distorting. enjoyed the beats/breaks, with the sound definitely tending towards the tech end of the spectrum with a fairly relentless vibe (used to sounds journeying off in different directions a bit more in Welli). good night all round although the 6 o'clock start that morning meant that it was not going to be a late one.

had a drift around the bars of Ak on Friday night. made the mistake of going up to the old Squid Bar. music was pretty cheesy until some good old So-Cal style punk started playing (guess it's the north shore influence) and the cops came in. this was enough to get the hormones going among some of the male bar patrons, and as the cops took someone out for a few questions, the place turned into a mosh pit as people did their best to make the cops time their as unpleasant as possible. now i don't have too much love for the police, but what happened was just plain ugly and is certainly not the vibe i'm used to when i go out - nasty.

we soon fled, heading up to Buddha and Cujo all providing a nice setting. didn't make it to see Trevor, but no regrets there (can anyone tell me what it was like?).

Saturday night out again. this time to the Breaks Old School night at Herzog. good time although definitely a contrast to the relentlessly 'current' attitude that d&b normally takes, good times.

bumped into Tim Phinn on K Road who i followed down to Calibre for a bit of contrast, and that it was. house sounds with lots of 'up for it beautiful people' flailing madly in a small space, - nice for some sightseeing but not quite my cup of char.

K Roads a pretty amazing place on a Friday or Saturday, with lots of party people out for a good time, something of a pleasant contrast to Courtney Place where the masses of people seem that bit less friendly and certainly less colourful.