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Fun Poison 2
Fun Poison 2: Addictve Therapy

Fun Poison 2: Addictive Therapy

Fun Poison 2: Addictive Therapy

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Saturday 10 October at the Valve bar in Vivian street, Wellington; the Obscure Sound System is hitting the ground running with Fun Poison 2: Addictive Therapy.

This sequel to Fun Poison will definitely appeal to those not yet acquainted with the wilder side of the funky experimental dance floor. If you came last time, you know you'll go mental at this one!

The styles of the DJs vary from bangalicious, bass heavy hypnogrooves, cartoon styled bounce tracks, through jackin' Chicago House to completely mad speaker poppin', amp melting techno toonz - all blended together for a seamlesly sequenced night.

If you want sound from the forefront of the global dancefloor underground, or just a rollicking night of big fun, check this...

The Sound System features:

- AGENT 99 and SHADOWGRRL spinning head to head as ANGRY... the 4 deck monsta mixdown madams!!

- special guest, DJ CUFF with a selection of harder edged Techfunk delights from his vast and varied vinyl collection

- brand new never heard before material from local Skankatronic producers LRS and POLARITY mixed thru the night

- Limited pre-release giveaways of the new outmost LRS x POLARITY ep

- just in case that doesn't over do it the night also features Obscure Sound System regular nutters PSI, Dr. CUND and LOONTOONZ for to cap the mad!!

- all in a fully transformed Valve bar, complete with one of the best sound rigs in town....

Like an unexploded bomb, these DJs have been waiting to unleash their unique style of audio terrorism!! If you are one of the uninitiated don't miss this night of utter dancefloor mayhem!

Presales at usual outlets... Check the Obscure website at for further information and updates.

  • 9-10 Psi
  • 10-1045 Loontoonz
  • 1045-1130 Shadowgrrl
  • 1130-1 DJ Cuff-special selection
  • 1-2 Angrey-The4deckmonstamxdownmadams!!
  • 2-245 Psi
  • 245-315 Agent99
  • 315-400 Loontoonz
  • 300-5 Dr. Cund