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Plaintext Obscure

This version of Obscure should work on most handsets capable of viewing HTML. We try and use lightweight, web-standard compliant markup to make this site friendly to mobile and legacy browsers. Just visit the site as normal and see if it works.

WAP for Obscure

Obscure news and event listings are available via WAP. If you have a waphone, point it at wap.obscure.co.nz/ and take a look.

If not, go here http://wap.obscure.co.nz/index.html to see it in your web browser. 'Wapscure' is great for those bus and train rides!


Watch out for up and coming Obscure features for your mobile phone. make sure when you Join Obscure you enter your mobile number and your location.

This will ensure you get entered into all giveaways draws, and can be notified of special events via your phone.

Not one to miss out on the latest technology, Obscure is flexing behind the scene's to bring reliable & useful applications to your mobile.