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Auckland producer simon flower

Techno artist from Auckland, New Zealand. Part of the Nurture Label.

One release to date: Peak:Shift - Imitate Your Environment (Nurture)

peak:shift - 'imitate your environment' ep 12" ( nurture01 ) peak:shift - 'the meaning of first words' ep 12" ( nurture 04 - to be released june 98) aspen - 'the wedding song' (peak:shift remix) CD ( Aspen - Album)

Review off G-Tech:

peak:shift - imitate your environment (nurture) yet another release of smooth chord-laden tech-house, with four tracks of similar flavor. one of the tracks has a shuffled beat rather than 4 beats = 4 bassdrumbeats. all four are constructed similarly, building from the beginning, hitting a breakdown, adding an element, and kicking back in. one or two tracks sound a bit slow even for tech-house, but that can be remedied easily.

All of these tracks are very laid back, and the combinations of different soft-textured rhythmic chords make this a good release. thing is, i kept wanting to pick up the needle and drop it further into the tracks to see what would happen... (7/10)

- -dave